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10 new Canadian RTDs for summer 2024

Fill up your cooler with these new cocktail releases.

Even the most advanced mixologist can appreciate the beauty of a good canned bevvy. Ready-to-drink (or “RTD”) cocktails are ideal for taking on the go or tossing in an ice bucket for the patio – and in 2024, there’s more variety than ever, with the LCBO alone offering over 90 new cooler options this year.

From a Quebec distillery’s candy-inspired gin lemonade to Canada’s first soju-based canned cocktail, we’ve found 10 of the country’s hottest new cooler releases.

1. Fou Gin Spritz

Cans of a drink in a cooler with swimming pool water visible behind them

Quebec’s Fou Gin has unveiled their classic product in a canned cocktail. The Citrus Spritz is made with their Bloom gin and fruit juices (lime, cherry and tangerine).


2. Storyteller Singapore Sling

A red can on a wooden table with a pineapple and leaves visible in the background

Toronto’s Storyteller has released a new RTD in their lineup of canned classic cocktails. Their take on the Singapore Sling is a balanced blend of pineapple, cherry, lime and gin – it’ll transport you straight to the tropics.


3. Social Lite Wine Spritz

A blue box of canned wine spritzes with flowers around it

Social Lite is widely known for their vodka spritzers, but the Whitby-based brand has introduced their latest creation: their wine spritzes – which come in a mixed pack – are refreshing and naturally-flavoured, coming in Peach White, Strawberry Rosé and Sangria Red.


4. Distillerie 3 Lacs Blue Raspberry Gin Lemonade

Pucker up – this one’s sour. Quebec’s Distillerie 3 Lacs has introduced a new RTD inspired by one of the founders’ favourite candy flavours from youth: blue raspberry. The flavoured lemonade is made with gin to give it an adults-only upgrade.


5. Sunday Funday Mimosa

Canada’s new RTD mimosa is made with real orange juice, 1 gram of sugar and has only 90 calories. The brand, Sunday Funday, is female-founded and on a mission to shake up the male-dominated coolers industry. Cheers to that.


6. Strait and Narrow Tea Cocktails

Strait and Narrow’s slogan is “Pacific Coast Cocktails,” and their new tea-based coolers perfectly encapsulate the nature-forward west coast vibe. They’re available in three flavours: White Tea with Nectarine & Orange Blossom, Hibiscus Tea with Acai & Rose and Oolong Tea with Blackberry & Lemon.


7. Willibald Cherry Spritz

Willibald’s distillery, which is located on their working farm in Ontario, uses cherry juice concentrate and vodka as the base for their new canned Cherry Spritz. You’ll taste hints of zesty lemon and lime in this fizzy pink cocktail.


8. Soju Spritz

The first Canadian-made soju-based cocktail has officially arrived. Made in Alberta, Soju Spritz goes by the slogan “Soju but Sparkling, Just Like Your Eyes.” There are four flavours: White Peach, Pineapple, Mango and Black Cherry.


9. Stadaconé Gingria Rosé

Distillerie Stadaconé in Quebec City has introduced their new gin-based sangria flavour. The Gingria Rosé is made with raspberry and pomegranate juices in lieu of wine, with the distillery’s gin providing the alcoholic kick.


10. Cutwater Vodka Caesar

Cutwater Canned Cocktails expanded into Canada last year, and in 2024 they’ve gone a step further with the introduction of a locally-made RTD Caesar. Cheers, eh?

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