Overhead shot of bowl of carrot hummus with pita bread and vegetables.

Local groceries, delivered.

Save money and divert food waste by ordering organic, curated and premium products at Spud.ca.

Meet Spud.cathe online grocery shopping platform that’s taking the twisty-turny adventure-ride out of grocery shopping by doing all the research and label reading we wish we had time for, before their groceries hit their digital shelves. Spud has curated over 10,000 grocery items in every category, allowing shoppers to get all the groceries they need in one shop without traveling to multiple specialty stores. 

Grocery shopping has gone from simply feeding our families to making conscious choices about how to support our well-being, economy and the planet. It’s much more complicated than it used to be and, as shoppers, we have a lot to consider. Price will always be a factor, but so are issues like local products, nutrition of the ingredients we buy, unnecessary hidden additives, and knowing where our food comes from and how it was crafted. We want to support farmers, reduce our food waste, and ideally purchase products with the lowest carbon footprint possible. A worthy, and may we mention time-consuming, endeavour.

person holding crate of lettuce

Spud is forging a new path in online groceries by reading the minds of the modern consumer. Looking for organic produce? Check. Looking for local produce? Check. Looking to save money and divert food waste by purchasing organic, local, and  imperfect produce? Check! And once your product arrives, Spud’s website is a great resource for ‘zero-waste’ recipes like this recipe for Roasted Carrot Hummus with Carrot Top Zhoug where carrot tops (instead of being tossed) are whirled with fresh herbs, jalapeno, cilantro and garlic to add a fresh topper to umami packed carrots.

Overhead shot of bowl of carrot hummus with pita bread and vegetables.

In addition to premium produce, Spud stocks Ocean-Wise-Certified seafood options, and local, organic, grass-fed and sustainably raised meat. Working with over 700 farmers and vendors, many of whom are only available at farmers markets (until now) means a wider variety for the consumer than ever before. Wander the digital aisles for their premium local cheeses, delicious spreads and preserves, a variety of oils and nuts along with fresh pastas and bread. 

The care Spud takes curating their groceries extends into the thoughtful approach to their actual delivery process. Enter your postal code and products are sourced as close to you as possible. Orders are then grouped and delivered on the most carbon-efficient route – packed in bins instead of bags. And their commitment to sustainability is evident  with every Spud invoice showing the emissions used for your order compared to a typical grocery shop. 

A group of people eating dinner together

In a practical manner, Spud also considers our busy lives accepting orders up to 8 p.m. the night before with delivery the next day with repeat orders available to help with our daily routines. And the same care that is taken to stock premium fresh foods applies to all the products they carry. All of Spud’s health and beauty products are made without any harmful chemicals as are their household cleaners and soaps. Everything from their natural candles to their non-toxic sunscreen and pet-loving food and accessories have been added to their shelves with care. 

So if you’re looking for premium, healthy, curated and sustainable groceries…delivered, Spud.ca is here for you.

For more information, go to Spud.ca.
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