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17 Valentine’s Day gifts foodies will fall for

Delicious gifts that say "together forever".

What’s the best way to show a gourmand you care? You know the answer. Whether your Valentine prefers the classics (Chocolate! Candy!) or the unconventional (Olive oil! Tequila!) we’ve found the perfect gift for your favourite foodie.

Three cans in pastel colours over a cream-coloured circle
Pocket Cocktails,
Amour Liquide

These Quebec-made “pocket cocktails” come in four classic varieties: a Margarita, Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini and Negroni. All you need to do, as the brand advises, is “shake, pour and love”!

A box of chocolate with a bright red lid over a light pink circle
Valentine’s Date Night Collection,
Chocolat de Kat

Toronto chocolatier Chocolat de Kat has released their Valentine’s Date Night collection: an assortment of chocolates in flavours like Popcorn Praline, Cherry Cheesecake, Tres Leches and Espresso Martini.

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers Valentine’s Day Cocktail Kit,
Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers

Nothing says “I love you” more than a cocktail that also doubles as dessert! This Valentine’s-Day-inspired cocktail kit includes Dillon’s Rose Gin, Chocolate Liqueur, Niagara Grenadine, ginger beer and a recipe card.

A box and a few chocolates in front of a red circle
Box of Dark Chocolates,

Everyone knows chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven. Nespresso’s 70% dark chocolate squares are earthy and bitter, with an intense cocoa flavour and slight crunch – perfect for pairing with espresso (or an espresso martini).

A bottle of white wine over a light pink circle
With Love Pecorino,
Torri Cantine

The With Love line from Italian winemaker Torri Cantine is a natural fit for Valentine’s Day. The Pecorino has vivid aromas of white flowers and citrus fruit and pairs perfectly with pasta and seafood (and Pecorino romano, of course).

A bottle of bright red liqueur with a purple label over a cream-coloured circle
Valentine Amaretto,
Spiritueux Alpha Tango

This eye-catching bottle contains Spiritueux Alpha Tango’s Quebec-distilled Amaretto-style liqueur. It’s infused with cocoa nibs and hibiscus flower, with intense notes of dark chocolate and cherry.

A bottle of olive oil with hearts on in over a light pink circle
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Heart Bottle,
Frantoio Muraglia

Say “I love you” with a gift any chef should appreciate: a bottle of cold-pressed Italian olive oil. Muraglia’s Apulian olive oil can be purchased in a beautiful (and reusable) heart-patterned stoneware bottle.

A bottle of tequila over a red circle
Tequila Plata,
Siempre Tequila

Siempre – “Always” – Tequila was founded by Canadian-Mexican entrepreneur Monica Sanita. Their Tequila Plata is made in small batches with 100% agave, and has aromas of citrus fruit, floral and spice, with sweet and savoury notes (and a rose-adorned bottle).

A box with three containers of candy over a light pink circle
Sweet Love Gift Set,
Yumma Candy

This gorgeous Valentine’s gift box comes in a drawer-style box with three containers of candy from British confectionary Yumma: their peach and Strawberry Fizz gummies, as well as their fruit-yogurt-flavoured “Yumma Cups.”

A bottle of pink wine in front of a red circle
Romance Rosé,
Chateau De Berne

This rosé is made in Provence with a blend of grenache, cinsault, syrah and merlot grapes. It’s silky and dry, with the flavours of orchard fruit, red berries and peaches. Raise a glass and say je t’aime.

An assortment of multicoloured chocolates in a cream-coloured circle
Be Mine Chocolate Collection,
Beta 5

Vancouver’s Beta 5 has released their annual Valentine’s Day collection, which includes these candy-heart-inspired chocolates. Your loved one can expect unique seasonal flavours like Cinnamon Heart and Lychee-Rose.

Two cans over a light pink circle
Love Bite Limited Edition Sparkling Water,
Barbet x Briony Douglas

Toronto-based Barbet created these cans in collaboration with local artist Briony Douglas. A limited-edition design adorns their invigorating Love Bite sparkling water, which is flavoured with ginger, juniper and grapefruit.

A tin of mixed nuts with a pink label in a red circle
Nuts About You Valentine Tin,

If your Valentine doesn’t have a particularly sweet tooth, look no further: this Valentine’s Day nut tin comes with a mix of lightly salted roasted nuts and a scattering of golden chocolate-coated almonds.

A chocolate bar with a Cupid on the wrapper
Valentine’s Cupid 38% Milk Chocolate Bar,
Maribelle Chocolates

This chocolate bar from NYC’s Mariebelle was made for Galentine’s Day. The limited-edition Valentine’s wrapper on their 38% milk chocolate bar features an extra-handsome depiction of Cupid, naturally.

$7 U.S.
A red and pink box of miniature cansters with tea
Tea Date 8-Tea Sampler,

Consider this matchmaking service: DavidsTea’s Valentine’s Day “Tea Date” Sampler includes eight romance-inspired blends such as Chocolate Macaroon and Organic Peppermint Amour.

A red box, two cups of tea and some snacks over a white circle
Valentine’s Indulgence Box,

Sakuraco’s snack boxes come filled with an assortment of Japanese treats, tailored for the season. Their Valentine’s box includes an array of pink snacks (strawberry daifuku and heart-shaped arare crackers) as well as tea, noodles and even two small plates.

Love Potion Cocktail Bombs,
Cocktail Bomb Shop

These iridescent cocktail bombs pair perfectly with clear, neutral spirits like vodka. Drop them in and watch your drink glimmer in shades of pink and purple – and enjoy the flavours of cranberry, orange and lime.

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