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18 sweet surprises to gift for Easter 2023

From chocolate bunnies to gluten-free gummies, we've found the tastiest Easter treats.

No matter what kind of sweet tooth you have, we’ve found the best uniquely fun and festive treats for you to gift (or enjoy!) during this spring holiday season.

Cream Easter Party Favors – Set of 6,
MarieBelle Chocolates

What’s a party without party favours? NYC’s Mariebelle Chocolates come in packs of two-piece boxes featuring a Madagascar chocolate “Singing Bunny” chocolate and a milk chocolate “Spring’s Songbird.”

$65 U.S.
6pc Easter Bomb Box,
Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Rocky Mountain’s ‘bomb’ chocolates are made with a creamy milk chocolate centre, wrapped in caramel and dipped in more chocolate. This box comes with an assortment of seasonally decorated chocolates, including bunnies, lambs and even an Easter unicorn.

Marzipan Easter Gnomes,

These adorable little Easter gnomes are crafted with extreme care and flawless attention to detail. Melt-in-your-mouth marzipan is formed into five delicious little figurines sporting colourful hats adorned in flowers, eggs, carrots and bunny ears.



Milk Chocolate Tulip Pop Duo,
Laura Secord

Laura Secord’s bright (and delicious) milk chocolate tulip pops just scream “Springtime.” At $10 for two 50-gram pops, they’re an easy way to brighten up your basket arrangements – or give them on their own as small gifts to coworkers or friends.

Bunny Hop Bar,

BC’s Jacqueline Jacek likes to call herself  “the world’s first Cocoanista” – that’s a combination between a fashionista and a chocolatier. Her Easter bars are 50% milk chocolate and 50% white with a colourful and crunchy confetti topping.

Egg Chocolates in Large Carton,
Williams Sonoma

The Williams Sonoma praline chocolate eggs are made in Belgium with exquisite Callebaut milk chocolate and a rich hazelnut filling. They’re packaged up in colourful foil and a cute, gift-able miniature egg carton.


Dark Chocolate Caramel Eggs,
Rogers’ Chocolates

Rogers’ has been making chocolates in Victoria since the 1800s. These speckled blue eggs have a rich caramel centre encased in dark chocolate, made entirely with Fair Trade cocoa sourced through the company’s Cultivate Better Cocoa nonprofit initiative.

Easter Candy Bag,
Reids Chocolates

Reids Chocolates is an institution in Cambridge, Ontario. Their limited-edition Easter gummy mix comes with half a pound of assorted sweet and sour candies in seasonal shapes like bunnies and eggs, with added jelly beans and other small sweets.


Truffle Egg,
Stubbe Chocolates

These geometric truffle eggs from Stubbe Chocolates are true works of art, hand-painted with coloured cocoa butter in an array of beautiful and unique patterns. Inside is hidden an assortment of Easter truffles, and the whole thing sits on a little chocolate nest.


Large Chocolate Bunny,
Gem Chocolates

All of the chocolates from Vancouver’s GEM are made by hand and preservative-free with completely natural flavouring. The chocolate bunnies are available in milk or dark chocolate with an abstract painted design.

Gluten-Free Easter Simnel Biscuits,
Fortnum & Mason

Simnel cakes are a popular dessert for Easter and Lent in the UK, but Fortnum & Mason makes a biscuit version that ships worldwide. These little cookies are made with almonds, fruit and warm spices.

Bacio di Dama Chocolate Egg

Bacio di Dama is a traditional Piedmontese dessert made with two hazelnut biscuit layers and a layer of chocolate. This elaborate Easter egg from Italian chocolatier Venchi combines them into a delicious chocolate shell.


Pistachio Easter Hen,
État de Choc

This vegan chocolate hen is made with État de Choc’s maple dark chocolate, pistachios and maple syrup. The chocolate hens are available in a range of flavours that regularly win prizes for Canada at the International Chocolate Awards – but this one is totally plant-based.

Sherbet Pips,
Cartwright & Butler

These little candies by British brand Cartwright & Butler fizz with flavour. The package describes them as “dainty little hard-boiled sweets that burst with sherbet delight,” which is an apt description – a crunchy exterior gives way to a soft sherbet-flavoured centre.

Chocolate Easter Rabbit,
Soul Chocolate

This deceptively simple-looking bunny from the Toronto chocolatiers at Soul Chocolate is designed to blend the flavours of milk and dark chocolate. It’s done with a mixture of Madagascar 60% dark milk chocolate, caramelized milk powder and Madagascar cacao.


Eggstra Easter Bag,
C’est Bonbon

Renowned Quebec candymakers C’est Bonbon make a colourful and varied Easter gummy mix filled with little fruit-flavoured butterflies, bunnies and fried eggs that taste like peaches. The candies are completely gluten-free and fat-free, with fast (and worldwide) shipping.

Rabbits and Chicks,

All of the miniature pillow candies from Montreal’s CandyLabs are vegan, nut-free, dairy-free and totally delicious. Their Easter products feature adorable little animals and seasonal Spring shades, packaged in the signature CandyLabs test tubes.

Baby Bunnies,

SoMA’s miniature chocolate bunnies come in totally unique and delicious flavours including Blueberry Buttermilk and Pink Grapefruit & Brown Sugar. There’s also a pink Strawberries & Cream bunny that comes with a hidden strawberry ‘heart’ inside.

$10 each


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