The Latest & Greatest Trends: Gifts for every gourmand on your list

The Latest and Greatest Trends

Struggling to find a gift for the foodie who seemingly has it all? Look no further than our roundup of some of the coolest tools, accessories and appliances that we can’t stop obsessing over.
A silver soda maker over a red circleCarbonator Pro Stainless Steel Sparkling Water Maker, Aarke

Make your own sparkling water whenever you want with this sleek, stylish carbonator that you won’t mind keeping out on display.


A peach shaped candle on a red circlePesche Candle, Gohar World

Every tablescape can use a little whimsy. This irreverent candle – designed to resemble a pesche dolci (Italian peach cookie) and made in Italy by a family-run producer – delivers that in spades.

$32 (U.S.)
Two pink glasses on a red circlePink Glass Goblet Set, Mosser Glass

Sip in style using these glam rose-hued hand-pressed glass goblets, made by the experts at family-run heritage brand Mosser Glass in Ohio. It’s glassware you’ll want to pass on as heirloom pieces.

The Festive – Vertuo Gift Set, Nespresso

World-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé has come together with Nespresso to create a limited-edition collection of exceptional coffees. This special gift set includes three coffee sleeves and a large NOMAD travel mug — the perfect way to enjoy extraordinary coffee everywhere you go this festive season.

A light blue kettle on a red circleVariable Temperature Kettle, Smeg

This ‘50s-inspired kettle is retro in aesthetic, but not in performance: The stainless-steel tool has an auto shut-off feature and allows users to set their preferred temperature (from 50˚C to 100˚C) so they can enjoy their cuppa exactly how they like it.

A black and crystal bottle of gin on a red circleTruffle Gin, Cambridge Distillery

Elevate your classic negroni with this unique U.K.-made gin, which is infused with white truffles from Piemonte to impart piney and earthy notes.

Stoli Vodka, Stoli

From indulging in festive drinks to gift-giving, Stoli Vodka is a must-have spirit for any cocktail. Proudly made in Latvia, Stoli is a classically styled and exceptionally smooth vodka, making it an incredibly versatile spirit for your favourite drinks.

Price varies by province
A silver air fryer on a red circleThe Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro, Breville

This luxe air fryer—which can also bake, broil, toast, warm and dehydrate—can be controlled by a handy app that enables guided recipes, progress monitoring, voice activation and an autopilot feature that automatically adjusts settings depending on your selected dish.



2022 Colour of the Year Beetroot Artisan® Series Stand Mixer, KitchenAid

KitchenAid’s 2022 Colour of the Year is ‘Beetroot’, a bold and vibrant colour that invites makers everywhere to uproot the ordinary. Beetroot is a rich and energizing magenta hue that reflects the vibrancy of everyday moments and brings positivity to any kitchen.

Two jars of honey on a red circleThe Farm Honey, Amandine Sol Botanicals

This Canadian beauty brand uses botanicals grown on its family-owned farm in Fenelon Falls, Ont., in their skincare products, where they also raise bees. This raw honey is collected directly on-sight and will delight with its unique floral flavour.

Front and back view of a dark green espresso makerNanopresso Portable Espresso Maker, Wacaco

Never be without your morning brew with this portable, hand-powered espresso maker that can easily be tucked into any bag and is indeed strong enough to deliver enough pressure for the perfect layer of crema every time.

An appliance with a separate screen on a red circleMulto Intelligent Cooking System, CookingPal

High-tech foodies will love this innovative smart-kitchen gadget, which comes with an all-in-one appliance with over 15 different prep and cooking functions (including steaming, kneading and grinding) and a splash-resistant tablet pre-loaded with recipes.

$999 (U.S.)
A crock set and two weights on a red circleFermentation Crock Set, Lee Valley

This spacious ceramic valve-and-weight crock set will make it even easier to nurture a newfound (or long-held) passion for fermentation. Plus, the easy-to-clean food-safe glaze won’t retain any of the flavours of your chosen brine.

Evergreen Kitchen, Bri Beaudoin

Over 110 wildly delicious vegetable-packed recipes for weeknight meals from Bri Beaudoin, the creator of the popular vegetarian blog Evergreen Kitchen. There’s something for everyone: salads that eat like a meal, easy one pot and sheet-pan recipes, crowd-pleasing noodles, nostalgic comfort foods, healthy bowls, hearty soups, delicious desserts and more. Many of the recipes feature make-ahead options, easy substitutions and include modifications to make them vegan and/or gluten-free.

Three silver canisters on a red circleCocktail Rimmer Trio, Kanel

Salt rims are back—and better than ever. This made-in-Canada trio is a bar-cart essential thanks to flavours like juicy Clementine Kiss, fiery Spicy Jalapeno and Lime and peppery Ultimate Caesar. 

The front and back of a thermometer on a red circleMeater Plus with Bluetooth Repeater, Meater

Never second-guess cooking times with this ultra-precise thermometer, which boasts two sensors to guage both internal meat and ambient temperatures and an advanced estimator algorithm that can accurately predict how long it will take to cook and rest anything from steak to turkey.

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