Two bottles of maple syrup and a wooden carrying case on an off-white circle graphic.

Classically Canadian products we love

The most patriotic products for Canada Day.

We all know that there’s more to Canada than maple syrup and poutine – but there’s nothing wrong with the classics. From the new Tim Hortons Double Double ice cream to a Caesar-specific cookbook critics can’t get enough of, here are our 2023 product picks for patriotic foodies.
A white bottle with coloured stripes on an off-white circle graphic
Multistripe Top-Handle Travel Mug,
Hudson’s Bay

It’s hard to go wrong with the iconic HBC stripes. This travel-friendly mug is made of stainless steel with bamboo accenting and a handled lid. It makes a chic and practical accessory for cottage season.

A silver dish modelled after a takeout container on a red circle graphic
Silver Poutine Dish,
The Art of Home

If you’ve purchased many a poutine in your life, you need this classy silver version of the iconic Canadian takeout box. It’s modelled to look like a foil one, but can be washed and re-used – or used as a piece of decor.

A carton of ice cream with a red label on an off-white circle
Double Double Ice Cream,
Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons first introduced their ice cream line last year, and 2023 brings four new flavours to grocery store freezers: Boston Cream, Maple Crunch, Campfire S’mores and Double Double. They’re all good, but the DD is probably the most classically Canadian flavour.

A white candle with gold lettering on a red circle graphic
Sorry Candle,
Province of Canada

This ‘Sorry’ candle from Province of Canada is meant to evoke feelings of classic Canadian contrition, with the help of soft vetiver, oakmoss and rosewood scents. The all-natural soy wax candle is hand-poured in a white glass jar with gold etchings, and the finished product boasts a 60-hour burn time and a 15-foot scent throw.

A clear tumbler with a red lid and straw on an off-white circle graphic
1974 Logo Acrylic Tumbler,

In case you didn’t know, the CBC has their own Zazzle storefront, where you can pick up neat licenced merch to show your support for the country’s public broadcaster. This tumbler sports the 1974 logo and has comes in different colour options for the top piece and straw. 

A tote bag with the word "BeaverTails" written in green and a campfire illustration on a red circle graphic
Campfire Tote,

Display your love for the ultimate Canadian dessert with this roomy tote bag from BeaverTails. The bag is made of a heavy cotton canvas with webbed handles and a wide loop for swinging over your shoulder. It also has a cheerful and summery campfire illustration.

Two bottles of maple syrup with red and black stickers and a wooden carrying case on an off-white circle graphic
Duo Prestige Box,
Nos Cabanes

You can’t have the ultimate Canadian spread without some maple syrup on the table. Nos Cabanes makes syrups using saps from different locations around Quebec, and this discovery box comes with two (random) ones in a rustic wooden carrying crate.

A square white canvas with an illustration of a blue craft dinner box on a red circle graphic
Krafty Kravings Limited Edition Print,
Michelle Vella

Who wants mac and cheese when you can have Kraft Dinner? This limited edition print by Toronto artist Michelle Vella features a pop-art-style rendering of the classic blue KD box that Canadians know and love.

An enamel pin modelled after a bag of ketchup chips on an off-white circle graphic
Ketchup Chips Pin,
Boldfaced Goods

Because no Canadian party is complete without a bag of ketchup chips. This cheeky pin makes a good addition to your grocery shopping bags – so you never forget to pick up the essentials.

Four drink stir sticks with decorative tops on a white package over a red circle graphic
Acrylic Hockey Drink Stirrers,
Friendlily Press

This set of drink swizzle sticks comes with all the essentials: a white hockey stick, a black puck, a grey ice skate and even a red ice resurfacer. They’re acrylic, safe to use in hot or cold drinks and available to buy in different quantities.

A jar of caramel-coloured sauce on an off-white circle graphic
Butter Tart Caramel Sauce,
Wildly Delicious Preserve Co.

Butter tarts aren’t super easy to make from scratch, but the flavour is easy to achieve with this dessert sauce from Toronto’s Wildly Delicious Preserve Co. (They also have a Nanaimo Chocolate Sauce and a Muskoka Cranberry Sauce.)

Two white cloths with illustrations of Canada geese on a red circle graphic
Canada Goose Swedish Dishcloth Set,
The Amazing Swedish Dishcloth

These super-absorbent Swedish dishcloths can be cleaned hundreds of times in the dishwasher or washing machine, and are compostable and biodegradable – all the better to protect the habitats of Canada Geese.

A black book with a Caesar cocktail on an off-white circle graphic
Caesar Country: Cocktails, Clams & Canada,
Aaron Harowitz and Zack Silverman

Aaron Harowitz and Zack Silverman’s Caesar Country came out last summer to widespread critical acclaim (try out three recipes from the book, including Ryan Reynolds’ own “Crescent Caesar” recipe here). The book was recently shortlisted for a 2023 Taste Canada Award in the Single-Subject Cookbooks category, which will be announced in October.

A small black tool in a green and white package over a red circle graphic
Milk Bag Opener,

Every Canadian knows the annoyance of cutting the corner of the milk bag too wide. The Snippit was designed to eliminate it, and if it’s not a staple of your household already, it should be. Even if you buy your milk in cartons, it’s a useful tool – use it to plastic packaging for things like cheese and bacon, or tough string.

A small red and white lighthouse on an off-white circle graphic
Lighthouse Shaped Salt & Pepper Mill 9″ Red,

The Drake General Store curates a Canadiana section that regularly rotates with new merch that people in all provinces will appreciate. This little lighthouse salt and pepper grinder has strong East Coast vibes, but will come in handy anywhere.

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