Best foodie gifts $25 and under

From 'pizza' socks to 'sushi' candy to an auspicious sauce bowl, these unique gifts will impress every food lover.


Pizza Socks Box, Rainbow Socks

Like a perfect pizza, these socks are just cheesy enough. All pairs are unisex and come in a little cardboard takeaway box, making a cheeky gift for anyone on your list. Full pies are also available to order.

Textured Tumblers, Starbucks

Gift a Grande-sized serving of the holiday spirit with one of Starbucks’ limited-edition luminous Textured Tumblers, available in Silver, Sangria and Pine colours.

Available in stores SRP $23.95

The spicy ginger flavour of BARISTA CREATIONS GINGERBREAD is a warm complement to the coffee-rounded cereal note. It all starts with a base coffee blend of Latin American and African Arabicas. Brazilian coffee lends the blend its roundness and balance, while Ethiopian coffee brings delicate aromatics and finesse. Adding gingerbread flavour creates a warm flavoured coffee; just the thing as the days turn colder.

STRÅLA LED Candle Holder, IKEA

This elegant streamlined brass candleholder has an integrated LED ‘candle’ – no matches required! Perfect for every style of holiday tablescape. And at only $18, you might as well buy a pair.


Milk Frother, Blume

Blume’s colourful milk frothers make a pretty and useful gift for the home barista. Each frother comes with two heads: one for frothing and one for whisking salad dressings. The frother also has 3 speeds and is USB-chargeable.

Reusable Baguette Bag,
Dans Le Sac

Dans Le Sac’s bread bags are the pinnacle of eco chic. Each bag is handmade in Quebec out of 100% natural cotton (the weave of the cotton allows the bread to ‘breathe’). This version boasts a shoulder strap so the bag can be taken on a bakery run and then swung nonchalantly over your shoulder when filled.

Oven Mitten Pair, FIKA

FIKA is mostly known for their Swedish-inspired cookware, and their oven mitts are similarly versatile and stylish. The pair includes a classic full-size oven mitt, and a smaller one to use for lifting hot lids.

Gold Whisk, Bloomingville

This pretty whisk has ‘stocking stuffer’ written all over it. It’s made with gold-finished stainless steel and is guaranteed to glitz up any utensil holder.


Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava, Segura Viudas

Fruitiness, freshness and complexity are the three principal defining characteristics of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva. Give the gift of a premium yet affordable Cava and raise a glass to the New Year!

Price and availability varies by province
Roma Taco Holder, Urban Outfitters

This taco holder is more than just a pretty thing; it’s also oven- and microwave-safe for easy tortilla-warming or cheese-melting. You definitely know someone who loves tacos, and they will definitely love this gift.

Sandwich Bag, Stasher

We can’t get enough of Stasher’s reusable silicone bags, and an ever-changing lineup of colours makes them worthy of gifting . The two newest shade offerings are two-toned, one in indigo/lavender and one in plum/pink.

Vermouth Spritz 4-Pack, Wild Folk

Wild Folk’s zero-proof cocktails are made with a blend of herbs, botanicals and citrus rinds. The Vermouth Spritz has notes of ginger, chamomile, hops, coriander, cinnamon and basil; with packaging as beautiful as the contents.


Churros and Horchata Gourmet Chocolate Bar, Compartés

Compartés is arguably the hottest chocolatier in L.A. right now, and their rice milk horchata chocolate bar with bits of crispy churro more than lives up to the hype.

2-Pack Wine Glass Holders, OIIKI

This acrylic wine holder has high-grade suction that sticks to a variety of surface types. A convenient and hazard-free way to keep drinks handy while having a soak (or shower; no one’s judging).

Caviar Tin Ornament, Indaba

Made in the European hand-blown glass tradition, this whimsical ‘caviar tin’ glass ornament makes a fun and thoughtful host gift – or anyone who appreciates a Seacuterie Board.

Silicone Mini Spatulas Set of 2, Crate & Barrel

Every cook, everywhere, could use some more spatulas. This minis duo from Crate & Barrel is available in a range of bright colours, and their diminutive sizes will prove useful for tricky tasks like scraping the edges of cake tins.


Potato Masher, Lee Valley

This dreamy potato masher has thin triangular blades that make easy work out of cutting through boiled potatoes – even undercooked root vegetables don’t stand a chance. The curved frame lets you scrape every bit of perfectly creamy mashed potato from the sides of a pot.

Mateus Mini Rosé, Mateus

This jewel-like bottle of Mateus Rosé (it’s a diminutive version of Mateus Rosé’s iconic flask-shaped bottle!) is the perfect stocking stuffer for wine lovers.

Sushi Kit, Candylabs

Montreal’s artisanal Candylabs are known for their handmade candies made in irresistibly unique flavours and shapes. This candy ‘sushi roll’ kit comes complete with a pair of mini chopsticks.

Traditional Maple Syrup, Wabanaki

Located on  located on Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation) Wabanaki is an Indigenous and female-owned company preserving the art of maple syrup-making. Their Traditional Maple Syrup has a smooth and delicate flavour.


Holiday Mix 6-Pack, Craig’s Cookies

Toronto’s cookie king Craig Pike has a lineup of holiday flavours like Candy Cane Shortbread, Cranberry Bliss, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Mint Brownie, Gingerbread White Chocolate and Holiday M&M’s. You’ll want to leave some of these out for nighttime visitors.

Gingerbread Caramel & Cornflake Clusters, Caramunchies

Cornflake clusters are a holiday fave for many, but these Gingerbread Caramel Caramunchies are pure seasonal decadence. Shiny festive packaging holds your giftee’s new favourite treat.

Seikou Kiln Lucky Cat Kutani Sauce Plate, Musubi Kiln

In Japan, a “lucky cat” is a well-known symbol that is thought to bring money and fortune. The lucky cat pattern on these tiny Japanese sauce dishes makes this practical gift both cute and auspicious.

$18 for one
Kitchen Secrets Collection – Oregano Plant, Canada Blooms

Gourmands with green thumbs will appreciate growing their own indoor herbs in the winter months. Low-maintenance oregano is one of the most reliable of plants, and is as pretty as it is delicious.


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