christmas cookies on a white backgroud
Image courtesy of @sweetopia

10 Christmas cookie decorators to follow on Instagram

Follow these ten Instagram accounts for holiday cookie decorating inspiration.

It always begins at the end of November – our Instagram feeds are flooded with a stream of images and reels of Christmas cookies and Christmas cookie decorating ideas. We’ve curated a list of some of our favourite holiday cookie decorating ideas, and the talented bakers who’ve created them. Many of these creators also offer cookie decorating classes, video tutorials, custom cookie cutters and so much more.

1. @sweetams

An assortment of pink and blue frosted Christmas cookies and meringues

Amber Spiegel, of @sweetams, is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and is passionate about decorating cookies and cakes. Spiegel says she loves how “decorating combines her artistic skills with her love of baking.” Her new book, Cookie Canvas is an excellent resource for many of her cookie decorating ideas.


2. @thesweetestmix

Frosted cookies shaped like snowglobes with a winter scene
Image courtesy of @thesweetestmix

Cookie decorator Sonya Kim of @thesweetestmix sells her fun Snow Globes sugar cookies (and her other beautifully-decorated Christmas cookies) online – but snap them up before they sell out!


3. @sweetopia_

Frosted cookies decorated in various Christmas-themed patterns
Image courtesy of @sweetopia_

Who would have ever thought that a pretty pastel colour palette would work for Christmas cookies? Marian Poirier of @sweetopia_ certainly did, and she wasn’t wrong. The light, pretty-coloured icing give her cookies a nostalgic appeal, while still making them holiday perfect. Her aesthetic is cookie decorating at its whimsical best!


4. @bakedideas

Snowflake-shaped cookies in various flavours
Image courtesy of @bakedideas

Speaking of colour palettes, Patti Paige of @bakedideas decorates cookies realistically (think of a slice of cheese pizza or a fried egg on a piece of toast) in accurate colours, while her Christmas cookies have their own holiday aesthetic based on the flavour of cookie.


5. @janaleesbakeshop

Cookies shaped like shirts and frosted with various phrases
Image courtesy of @janaleesbakeshop

For Christmas cookie decorating inspiration, head over to @janaleesbakeshop now-defunct Instagram account. The quirky messages she wrote on her Christmas cookies were just right. Having a “resting Grinch face” is definitely something we can all relate to during the holidays.


6. @sweetsugarbelle

Cookies frosted like snowmen and Christmas trees
Image courtesy of @sweetsugarbelle

@sweetsugarbelle‘s cartoonish Christmas cookies have childlike appeal. Bright-coloured icing, simple shapes and a fun colour palette make her decorating style totally approachable.


7. @inspiredtotaste

Three intricately frosted cookies in the shape of a wreath, basket and scarf

Prepare to be in awe of Liz Joy of @inspiredtotastes‘s realistic cookie decorating. Her painterly approach to cookie decorating is true art, and she’s created content for brands like Sephora and Christian Louboutin. Feeling adventurous? Follow her decorating tutorials on YouTube.


8. @theflourboxshop

Cookies decorated as characters from The Nutcracker

Who wouldn’t love @theflourboxshop‘s colourful cookie characters inspired by the iconic Nutcracker ballet. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can purchase the cookie cutter set for Sugar Plum, Clara, Mouse King and Nutcracker directly from The Flour Box, and a Christmas decorating guide for instructions on how to make them.


9. @lucie.bakes

Cookies frosted in various Hanukkah patterns
Image courtesy of @lucie.bakes

Vancouver-based Lucie Radcliffe, who is a self-described graphic designer-turned-sugar artist, offers virtual cookie decorating tutorials, free videos (interested in making lifelike cookie portraits?) and sells her perfected cookie recipes online.


10. @wildflour_cookieco

Cookies frosted in in various forest-related designs, with some reading "baby boy" and "Dean"
Image courtesy of @wildflour_cookieco

Emilee Galica, of @wildflour_cookieco, makes thematic seasonal cookies that are always on point. We love her holiday-esque cookie content and colour schemes. Her free, downloadable, piping practice guide helps beginner cookie decorators learn to make straight lines, circles and other shapes. The guide will also help decorators learn how to pipe hand lettering.

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