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10 best new RTD canned cocktails for summer 2023

From a classic Paloma to a low-sugar lemon vodka spritz.

Summer is upon us, and the red-hot ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market is ramping up for the season. According to Statista, the Canadian RTD cocktail industry is projected to grow by almost six percent annually for the next five years – which means new drink options will be showing up in coolers all summer long. Here are a few of our favourite new RTD options for 2023.

1. Aloette Southside Fizz

Patrick Kriss’s Aloette restaurant got into the RTD market last year with the release of a wildly-popular Espresso Martini Fizz. For 2023, “Fizz by Aloette” has unveiled a carbonated Southside cocktail, made with London Dry Gin, fresh lime juice, muddled mint and a hint of fresh cucumber.


2. TeaPot Mango Green Tea

The makers of Twisted Tea unveiled their new cannabis RTD last year to great fanfare (the TeaPot Lemon Black Tea was named the “Best New Low Dose Cannabis-Infused Beverage” at the 2023 Best New Product Awards). This year, they’ve introduced a new flavour: Mango Green Tea, a fruity tropical tea dosed with 5mg of THC (the Pedro’s Sweet Sativa strain).


3. Cutwater Rum Mint Mojito

Cutwater Spirits is the best-selling spirit-based canned cocktail brand in the United States – and they’ve officially landed in Canada. Three of the brand’s beloved RTDs are now available at liquor stores, including the smooth silver rum mojito.


4. Cazadores Paloma

Premium Mexican tequila brand Cazadores launched their RTDs in Canada this year, and their Paloma is the perfect summer refresher. It’s made with 100% blue agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and pairs perfectly with Mexican eats, like our Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas.


5. Noroi Amaretto Sour

Quebec’s Noroi uses cold distilling techniques to preserve the delicate aromas of their spirits as much as possible during refining. Their canned amaretto sour is has a balance of almond and maple flavours. 


6. Navy Street

Ontario’s Ernest Cider Co. has introduced Navy Street, a gin-and-juice cocktail with a distinctive magenta hue and bright blueberry flavour. It was selected by the LCBO as part of their “Small Business Ready-To-Drink callout” last fall, and impressed the judges with its perfectly-balanced sweetness.


7. Bangarang Tropical Bellini Hard Seltzer

The latest hard seltzer from Ontario’s Bangarang is a totally tropical blend of peach, pineapple and mango juices with a generous splash of Prosecco. This one’s for the beach cooler.


8. Drink Sprizzi Limonata

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Drink Sprizzi Limonata is a collaboration between Halifax pizzeria owner Jennie Dobbs and local winemaker (slash husband) Simon Rafuse. This low-sugar vodka spritz has the perfect hint of citrus and was inspired by – no surprise – al fresco dining.


9. Romeos’s Gin V Light Tonic

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The newest RTD from Quebec’s Romeo’s Gin is light and citrusy, with flavour notes of pink grapefruit and yuzu. It’s available in both a regular and nonalcoholic version, and the cans feature artwork by Montreal artist Alexy Préfontaine.


10. Keg Size Caesar

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The Keg is ready to conquer the Canadian cocktail market. The steakhouse’s new RTD is a classic Caesar made with Canadian vodka, The Keg’s Caesar mix and a secret spice blend.



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