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Emerald Cruises takes you on a culinary journey

Cultivate authentic experiences at every turn.

When you’re getting ready for a cruise, what gets you the most excited? Maybe you’re looking forward to taking in stunning ocean views or island hopping along palm-fringed beaches. But, allow us to let you in on a secret: If you’re a food lover, the real highlight is the incredible dining experiences that await.

That’s where Emerald Cruises comes in. In addition to the stylish accommodations, exceptional round-the-clock service and the many onshore adventures, this modern luxury yacht offers an equally exciting culinary journey, thoughtfully curated to suit every palate.

Flavours from around the world

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Whether you’re sailing through the sunny Caribbean or cruising by the Gulf of Venice, the dining options aboard Emerald Cruises take inspiration from each region to bring every destination to life on your plate. Behind the scenes, a team of expert chefs source the freshest ingredients to prepare inventive plates that reflect the flavours and traditions of the places you’ll explore. And when you’re craving something a little more familiar, there are plenty of equally delicious at-home favourites available too. Elevating the guest experience even further, guests joining either yacht from April 17, 2024 onward will now enjoy a complimentary drink package with unlimited access to a range of cocktails, mocktails, premium wines, Prosecco and Champagne by the glass, bottled beer and soft drinks, as well as a mini-bar selection in each suite.

Special guests

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For a truly exclusive culinary experience, consider setting sail this spring with Chef Michael Bonacini to discover the many flavours of the Caribbean. In March, Chef Bonacini will be going West Indies hopping aboard a special cruise where guests will have the opportunity to mingle with him and soak up his culinary expertise. Fellow passengers will taste his Caribbean-inspired cuisine, observe a live cooking demonstration, see the sights together on land and mingle over cocktails at an onboard reception. Prefer to see Europe with a celeb chef in tow? Top Chef Canada winner Dale Mackay will be the guest of honour on a cruise through the Danube next fall.

More than just amazing food

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Beyond indulging your taste buds, true luxury is all about cultivating authentic experiences at every turn. From spacious accommodations to world-class amenities, every detail caters to your comfort. If you’re seeking relaxation, adventure or the perfect blend of both, you’ll have access to expansive pools, relaxing spas and sun-filled excursions throughout your stay. On the Adriatic and Mediterranean tours, you’ll discover charming fishing ports, gorgeous architecture and enjoy the glitz and glamour of the French and Italian Rivieras. 

Cruising with a twist

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Emerald Cruises embraces small ship cruising. With only around 100 guests on board, these smaller yachts make for a more intimate and personalized experience. Best of all? These vessels can go to places that giant cruise ships can’t reach. You get to explore hidden gems and smaller ports off the beaten path. It’s another way to take your cruise to the next level, so you can make the most of what yacht life has to offer at every step of the way. 

Get active

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep things moving, you’ll love the EmeraldACTIVE excursions. Imagine going on guided hikes in Cephalonia, cycling in iconic cities and even grabbing a kayak or paddleboard for some relaxing me-time. On deck, you’ll be able to partake in fun activities like yoga, pilates and aqua aerobics to stay active throughout your trip. 

Go green

An ethos at Emerald Cruises is “Cherish the Planet”. The ships endeavour to leave no trace at the sites they visit, and have implemented environment-protecting measures such as providing emission-free electric bikes for land activities. This year, Emerald Cruises has also eliminated all guest single-use plastics on all their vessels worldwide – complimentary water bottles and refillable toiletry dispensers are the new norm.

Level up

Craving something even more special? With the free EmeraldPLUS program, you can experience locally-guided tours, old-world traditions and interactive workshops while you travel. Think, a guided tour of Sorrento including a delicious gelato sampling, listening in on a Montenegrin guitar concert in a local church and learning how to prepare the tastiest mussels in Sarandë, Albania. The options are endless. 

Discover More

When you go on holiday, there’s nothing like creating amazing memories in unforgettable places. The Discover More program tours take you a bit further into local cultures for immersive experiences and are an additional cost. Discover More in the Corsican countryside and enjoy a local wine tasting, or enjoy a private visit to Mustique Island in the Caribbean.

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