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ELLE Gourmet loves Fresco di Masi, a new line of low-alcohol organic wines

Whether you choose Fresco di Masi's fruity and floral Bianco or Verona-influenced Rosso, you know you'll be enjoying exceptional wines.

The makers behind Fresco di Masi, a new line of handcrafted organic wines with low alcohol content, believe the best wine is a result of simple, traditional methods and contemporary high-quality standards. Choose between the fruity and floral white  Masi Bianco or Verona-influenced Masi Rosso.

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Fresco di Masi Bianco and Fresco di Masi Rosso

Masi Bianco has an attractive nose of fresh fruit, with pineapple and citrus notes and delicate wildflower aromas. Fresco di Masi Rosso has a strong fragrance and attractive aromas of fresh fruit on the nose: from pomegranates to blackcurrants to the typical hints of cherries that make the wine so identifiably Veronese in origin.

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