Smart kitchen gifts for the high-tech home chef

From a specialized hot chocolate maker to AI-assisted appliances, these are the best gifts for food-loving techies.

Kitchen gadgets have never been more sophisticated than they are in 2023 – smooth touchscreen interfaces, high-tech operating systems and stylish colour options are now the norm. Last year, a survey found that almost 199 million adults in the States alone would buy tech products and services as Christmas gifts – and that’s not including all the tech-related gift cards.

If you know someone who loves to cook with the latest gadgets, here are 21 holiday gifts they’re guaranteed to love.

The Velvetiser,
Hotel Chocolat

The perfect cup of hot chocolate is within reach with the Velvetiser. The device was engineered by Dualit for use with satchets from Hotel Chocolat – it heats milk and melts them, whisking all the while for the ideal level of frothiness.


A tan-coloured multicooker inside a sparkly black circle.

Dream Cooker,
Our Place

The second appliance launch from Internet-beloved cookware company Our Place has officially arrived. The new Dream Cooker is an all-in-one multicooker that works 80% faster than traditional slow cooking. It comes in four of the brand’s signature muted shades.


Go Cordless Appliances,

KitchenAid has launched their Go Cordless line, a suite of appliances powered by a single removable, rechargeable battery. A hand mixer, hand blender, food chopper, personal blender, coffee grinder and handheld kitchen vacuum are all part of the lineup.

From $200

A black air filter with a moss-filled dome inside a cream-coloured circle

Air Filter,

This ingenious air filter uses the power of moss (and technology) to keep your air clean and safe. It’s made with 90% natural and renewable materials, and offers the air-purifying power of 3,043 medium-size houseplants. It’s cute and compact – perfect for countertops.


A black-and-silver over over a red circle

Bespoke 7 Series Single Wall Oven with AI Camera,

Samsung has introduced the tech of the day, artificial intelligence, into their smart home appliance lineup. This wall oven has an AI camera that recognizes popular ingredients and recommends optimal cooking times and modes accordingly.

A wooden block with four thermometer probes and a touch screen in a sparkly black circle
Meater Block,

Meater’s unparalleled wireless meat thermometer gets even more thorough with the Block: a four-probe system designed to let you cook multiple meals at different temperatures with ease. If you know someone who always stresses over Christmas dinner, look no further.


A white sous vide stick, vacuum pump and sealable bags in a red circle

Vacuum Starter Set Sous-Vide,

Sous-vide cooking becomes a breeze with Zwilling’s intuitive wand and Fresh & Save vacuum sealer. This starter set includes both, along with 6 heat-resistant vacuum bags – you can also pick up a wide variety of food storage containers that are compatible with the same vacuum pump (for your leftovers, if there are any).


A retro-style Cuisinart food processor in a teal-coloured circle

50th Anniversary Edition 14-Cup Food Processor,

Don’t let the retro look of this food processor trick you – it’s filled with the latest tech. Cuisinart created it as a tribute to their 50th birthday, modelled after the original food processor they launched at the National Housewares Show in Chicago in 1973.

A black Roomba in its charging station inside a cream-coloured circle
Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop,

Give the gift of a crumb-free kitchen this Christmas with iRobot’s savvy new Roomba, which vacuums and mops simultaneously. The high-tech model uses sensors to detect the height of the floor or carpet and clean accordingly, and it even has a self-emptying dirt disposal.


A white circular speaker in a sparkly black circle

Multiroom Wi-Fi Speaker,
Defunc Home

Swedish brand Defunc has launched their sleek customizable home speaker system in Canada. The Defunc Home uses Wi-Fi to connect speakers across multiple rooms, so you can move from kitchen to dining room without taking a break in the soundtrack.

From $200

A pizza oven over a cream-coloured circle

Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven,

Fresh stone-baked pizza has never been easier to make at home. Ooni’s compact all-electric Volt 12 pizza oven is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and fits onto a kitchen countertop. It can climb to 850°F in just 20 minutes.


A chilling device with a bottle of wine in it and a button panel visible over a red circle

Rapid Beverage Chiller,

This high-tech beverage chiller, which circulates water and ice, can take a bottle of white wine from room-temperature to optimally-chilled in minutes. It’s safe for carbonated drinks like Champagne, and is also compatible with cans, juice and soda bottles.


A dark brown fridge with a see-through door panel over a dark teal circle

Side-By-Side InstaView Refrigerator,

LG’s snazzy InstaView refrigerator features a door that can be looked through without opening, preventing the escape of cold air. Cool bonus: the “Craft Ice” maker, which makes slow-melting spheres perfect for cocktails.

A black cocktail-making machine with various bottles of liquor attached inside a red circle
Bev Cordless Cocktail Maker,
Black + Decker

Black + Decker’s Bev machine is like a Keurig for cocktails. The ports connect to an assortment of spirits, and the machine accepts prepackaged cocktail capsules in a range of flavours (you can set the strength of the drinks too). A holiday party lifesaver.

A white Philips pasta maker in a sparkly black circle
Artisan Pasta & Noodle Maker,

Give the gift of fresh pasta and noodles on demand with Philips’ fully automatic pasta maker. The machine mixes, kneads and extrudes dough to produce up to one pound of fresh pasta in just 10 minutes, and it can also be used to make cookie, pizza and bread doughs.


A black barbecue over a red circle

Ironwood Series Grill,

The new Ironwood Series grills from Traeger use the brand’s Smart Combustion technology to maintain consistent cooking temperatures, and dual-wall insulation prevents temperature fluctuation. A touchscreen panel that connects to Wi-Fi and included wireless meat probes take it into high-tech territory.

From $2,600
A silver-and-black Ninja appliance over a cream-coloured circle
CREAMi 7-in-1 Ice Cream Maker,

In the mood for ice cream, smoothies or a milkshake? Ninja’s CREAMi can make all three and more at the touch of a button. Customize your flavour additions and whip up low sugar, keto, dairy-free 0r vegan treats. When you’re done, just toss the container in the dishwasher.


A standing humidifier with silver, gold and copper hardware over a dark teal circle

Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde PH04 Purifier,

This compact and sleek air purifier from Dyson is perfect for controlling kitchen air quality. The machine destroys formaldehyde and removes gases from air, then projects purified, humidified air throughout the room. Steam, smoke and smells stay under control.

A dark cutting board with a touchscreen and smartphone showing an integrated app over a cream-coloured circle
4T7 Smart Meal Prep System-“The Frame” series,

The 4T7’s ultra-smart wooden board allows you to chop, weigh, time, defrost and even count calories when cooking. A connected app offers endless recipe options, and the Lego-style stackable design makes storage a breeze.

$199 U.S.

A countertop cooking appliance with a steel lidded bowl and touch screen inside a dark teal circle

Omni Cook Basic Bundle,

This multi-functional smart cooker offers 21 different functions, including a blender, kettle, electronic scale, whisk and steamer. The all-in-one kitchen assistant also connects to an exclusive recipe site with thousands of pre-set meal suggestions.

$899 U.S.

A silver toaster with a touchscreen interface over a red circle

Instaglo R270 Toaster,

The world’s smartest toaster heats up fast, searing bread without drying it out. A sleek touchscreen panel allows you to adjust settings for the type of bread you’re using, and set the optimal toastiness level (you can also pick up a compatible panini press).

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