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New non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits

The latest alcohol-free drink releases.

The health benefits of reducing one’s alcohol consumption are numerous, and these days the drink options are too, with new zero-alcohol bottles flying off shelves. Best of all? Modern fermentation and distillation techniques means you don’t have to sacrifice flavour when giving up alcohol. Whether you prefer wine, spirits or beer, here are some of the most notable non-alcoholic launches over the past year.

New non-alcoholic wines

A bottle of red wine


GSM wine is named for the three grape varieties – Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre – it’s made from, and it’s known for its complex red fruit flavours and medium to heavy-bodied taste. Scandinavian wine-producer Oddbird debuted their 2020 non-alcoholic GSM vintage in spring 2023. This silky, dry non-alcoholic red wine is produced in the Saint-Chinean region in France.


A bottle of rosé wine

Ruby Piquette Zero,
Benjamin Bridge

The latest addition to Nova Scotian winemaker Benjamin Bridge’s Piquette Zero range came out in October, and was released last month in can form. Ruby Piquette Zero is made with low-intervention macerations and infusions, so as to strip as little character from the wine during the de-alcoholization process as possible. You’ll taste notes of red and black fruit, lavender and a hint of spice.


A bottle of white wine with a yellow cap

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero

The latest addition to German winemaker Leitz’s nonalcoholic portfolio (we love their Sparkling Rosé too) is a crisp alcohol-free Chardonnay that has an original character featuring fresh fruit and citrus flavours. It has a dry finish with a relatively long aftertaste.

$24 U.S.

A bottle of white wine with a green label

Gold Crush,

The new non-alcoholic Champagne alternative from Proxies, Acid League’s non-alcoholic wine line, has fresh flavours of peach, yuzu and a hint of fennel on the finish. The brand recommends pairing this bright Ontario-made non-alcoholic wine with “oysters, potato chips or nothing at all.”


A bottle of wine with a gold foil cap

Celebrate Collection Sparkling Rosé,

Australian non-alcoholic winemaker Altina’s new “Celebrate” collection of wines was released in the fall, with three non-alcoholic sparkling wines added to the portfolio. The non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé is a blend of de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Native Australian Rosella, with layered notes and a hint of citrus.


A bottle of wine with a red cap and label

Ones+ Pinot Noir,

Okanagan’s only de-alcoholized wine producer launched their new non-alcoholic Pinot Noir in 2023 (alongside a new Cabernet Franc). The dry, medium-bodied non-alcoholic wine has the flavours of raspberries and red liquorice on the nose, with a pleasant mouthfeel of juicy fruit and a bright cranberry finish.


A bottle of sparkling wine with gold foil and a white-and-gold label

Sparkling Cuvée Blanc,
Wander + Found

German Rhine region winemaker Wander + Found’s new non-alcoholic sparklers are made for celebrating. The new wines (there’s a non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé too) have juicy notes of gooseberry, starfruit and citrus zest. For  Lord of the Rings fans, the label’s name is partly a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous quote “not all who wander are lost.”


A bottle of red wine with a hot pink, black and white label

Alt De-alcoholized Cabernet Sauvignon,
Magnotta Winery

Niagara’s Magnotta Winery describes their wines as “Italian-Inspired, Canadian-Made.” The new ‘Alt’ de-alcoholized wine line came out in November, and includes a dry, full-bodied Cab Sav with the flavours blackcurrant and blackberry, as well as notes of black pepper and herbs. An ideal pairing for richer, hearty foods like grilled meats and tomato-based pasta dishes.


A bottle of white wine with a grey cap and label

Noughty Blanc,
Thomson & Scott

Blanc, the new de-alcoholized white wine from Certified B Corp winemaker Thomson & Scott, is a blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay from the Western Cape region of South Africa. It has notes of yellow apple, lime and chamomile on the nose, with aromas of honeysuckle, citrus fruit and jasmine on the palate. (The brand also partners with Treepoints to offset the carbon footprint of every purchase).


A bottle of red wine with a muted pink label

Zero Shiraz,
Pure Vision

Australian winemaker Pure Vision introduced their non-alcoholic Shiraz in the spring, a rich ruby red wine with plum and berry flavours, along with a hint of oak. The grapes are all grown organically in Virginia, South Australia, and the wine has been awarded a number of accolades including a silver medal at the World Alcohol-Free Awards 2023.


A bottle of white wine with a white label and grey cap

Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines

The new non-alcoholic wine from Lautus is a Chardonnay (the French grape variety grows well in South Africa, where the brand is based). The de-alcoholized wine has a light pale straw colour and aromas of orange and kumquat, with a subtle spice.


New non-alcoholic beers

A silver can with a yellow and teal design

Blonde Ale,
Noh Co.

Noh Co., a Calgary-based beer brand, launched in 2023 with their non-alcoholic Blonde Ale. It’s brewed with organic lion’s mane mushroom, reishi and L-Theanine for added health benefits, and has a refreshing taste with hints of vanilla, spice and a bit of malty sweetness. They say it’s “best enjoyed chilled, possibly while envisioning spending a sunny day cruising out on the water in a vintage Chris-Craft.” Decide for yourself.


A brown can

Partake Brewing

Alberta’s Partake Brewing launched Dunkel, their latest non-alcoholic flavour, at the end of last year. Described as their “most unique brew yet,” Dunkel is the German term for dark or brown lager, and Partake’s version has hints of malted chocolate, toffee, and a medium coffee bitterness.


A hot pink tall can

Raspberry Stout,

BSA – that’s Bière Sans Alcool, a Quebec-based non-alcoholic beer producer  – introduced their Raspberry Stout as the first in a new limited-edition line last year. It’s a black beer with aromas of chocolate and coffee, as well as – of course – a zesty raspberry-forward flavour. (You can pick up a few of BSA’s brand-new RTDs, too).


A white, pink and purple can

Blackberry Lemon Ale,
iOTA & Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

It’s hard to resist a beer that launches with an Instagram meme – or a Canadian craft brewery that malts their own barley, like Phillips Brewing does. The latest beer from their non-alcoholic line, iOTA, is a medium-bodied ale featuring juicy blackberry flavours accented with a hint of lemon.


A silver tall can with an orange, black and yellow design

Non-Alcoholic Tropical Fruit Jelly King,
Bellwoods Brewing

Jelly King, the signature line of dry hopped sour ales from Toronto’s Bellwoods Brewery, got a new addition in October with the debut of their Tropical Fruit flavour. The non-alcoholic beer is made with mango, guava and passionfruit, and delivers the same punch as its alcoholic counterparts. 


A pink can with a multicoloured pattern

Non-Alcoholic Guava Gose,
Collective Arts

The latest addition to Hamilton-based Collective Arts’ non-alcoholic beer lineup is a 0% version of their popular Guava Gose. The mashed wheat beer has a distinct lemony tartness, courtesy of malted wheat, as well as Himalayan pink salt, coriander and – of course – guava. It’s tart, sweet and just sour enough.


A green and white can

Berliner Weisse,
Untitled Art

In April, Untitled Art – a Wisconsin-based company that partners with various breweries and artists to produce a range of beers – introduced their Berliner Weisse. The recipe is inspired by the classic German wheat beer’s, though not made with a flavoured syrup, as they usually are – instead, a new yeast strain dubbed ‘London Tropics’ is responsible for the non-alcoholic brew’s signature aromatic tropical notes. The artwork is by Wisconsin artist Stephenie Purl Hamen .


A pink can

Juicy IPA,

Gruvi’s new non-alcoholic beers came on the scene last summer, replacing the Colorado brand’s original zero-proof brew offerings with fresh, flavourful new varieties. The non-alcoholic Juicy IPA is described as “paradise in a can,” filled with tropical flavours of pineapple, citrus and fig – but still with the authentic flavour of a hazy IPA.


A pink and black tall can

Raspberry Sour,
Sober Carpenter

Raspberry Sour, Montreal microbrewery Sober Carpenter’s latest non-alcoholic beer, was introduced in September. Each tall can contains 18g of fresh raspberry puree, which provides a bright initial taste followed by a sour, tangy kick.


A light green and white can

Irish Red,
Athletic Brewing

Launched just before St. Patrick’s Day last year, the Irish Red non-alcoholic beer from Connecticut-based Athletic Brewing is inspired by a traditional ale and has notes of caramel and dark stone fruit (from the roasted malts) with just a hint of bitterness.


New non-alcoholic spirits

A bottle of brown spirits with an abstract label

Zero Alcohol Rum,

The newest non-alcoholic spirit in Monday’s lineup is an authentic-tasting rum, inspired by the aged spirits beloved in the Caribbean. Aromas of sugar cane, tropical fruit and fresh tobacco leaf on the nose, with a palate that presents burnt caramel, banana, butter pecan and oaky vanilla. Hints of roasted coffee and mocha finish it off.


A dark red bottle with a pink label

Berry Apéritif,

Say hello to Ghia’s berry aperitif, introduced at the end of November as the LA-based non-alc company’s first non-bitter flavour. Inspired by the Mediterranean, like their signature aperitif, this flavour is described as “‘like a drive through Sienna at sunset.” Top with non-alcoholic sparkling wine or water for a refreshing, flavourful spritz.


A bottle of clear spirits

Ceder’s Classic,

Ceder’s Classic – a non-alcoholic clear spirit – took home gold in the The Global Spirits Masters Competition’s ‘Low & No’ category for 2024. The distilled spirit got a revamp last year, with the introduction of a new reinforced formula featuring an extra-distinctive – and delicious – juniper taste.


An amber bottle with an orange label

Almave Ámbar,

Almave, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s new line of distilled non-alcoholic blue agave spirits, was created in collaboration with Mexican master distiller Iván Saldaña and just launched in the fall. The blanco will be available in Canada soon, but for now, you can pick up a bottle of the Ámbar – it’s similar to an aged tequila, characterized by its bold, slightly-spicy flavour.


A bottle of light orange gin

0.0 Flor de Sevilla,

Tanqueray expanded their alcohol-free range last spring with the introduction of Flor de Sevilla, an alcohol-free gin infused with the flavours of Sevilla orange, orange blossom and Tanqueray’s core botanicals.


A bottle of whisky with a purple label

Highland Malt,

Lyre’s is the official spirit of Dry January, and their non-alcoholic Highland Malt whisky is officially available in Canada. It has deep flavours of toffee, spiced oak and nutty grains with a firm, dry finish.


A bottle of clear spirits with a floral label

Banks Botanicals

The new non-alcoholic botanical spirit from Aussie distillery Banks Botanicals is a gorgeous citrus variant distilled with locally-native desert lime, lemon myrtle and the fragrant Australian White Kunzea flower. Water from the nearby Yarra Valley is the base, wild Tasmanian pepperberries provide just a hint of spice to finish off this all-Aussie spirit. 10 cents from every bottle sold goes to Bush Heritage Australia, a not-for-profit that strives to protect the country’s ecosystems.


A bottle of whisky

Alcohol-Free Whisky,
Sober Spirits

Sober Spirits launched their non-alcoholic whisky alternative in November, and immediately sold out on their website (keep an eye out for a restock, or snag a bottle from a third-party supplier). It was awarded Non-Alcoholic Spirit of the Year 2023 at the prestigious London Spirits Competition, with the judges describing it as “a non-alcoholic spirit with flavours and aromas of cinnamon, marzipan, almond and cookie on the nose and palate with a creamy aftertaste and a fuller body.”


A bottle of vodka with a grey label

Counterfeit Vodka,
Forged Drinks Melbourne

Australian faux spirits brand Forged Drinks Melbourne launched last year with a core collection of imitation spirits, including this non-alcoholic vodka. It’s clean and smooth, with a velvety texture and sweet-but-sharp finish.


A bottle of brown spirits with a white label

Zero Proof Whisky,
Cut Above

Cut Above’s non-alcoholic Zero Proof Whisky debuted in June, an alcohol-free Bourbon crafted with the help of expert distillers in Louisville. The aromatic brown spirit is made with natural ingredients and has notes of cherry, oak wood, toasted oats and a slightly spicy finish. As Cut Above puts it: “If an Old Fashioned is your passion, this is for you.”



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