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How to create a cheese and pear grazing board

USA Pears aren’t just delicious, they’re healthy too.

This holiday season, USA Pears is our new favourite ingredient. Pears are a versatile fruit, and add their signature sweet flavour and delicate aroma to all sorts of recipes, from sweet – like our the Bartlett pears in our Rosemary Pear Mocktail – to savoury – like the Starkrimson or Bosc pears in our Honey Pear Baked Brie. Pears aren’t just tasty, they’re a superfood packed with fibre. They also contain vitamin C and are low on the glycemic index, making pears a delicious treat that belong in your kitchen.

5 great reasons to eat pears*

  1. A medium-sized pear (140g) provides 5 grams of fibre, or 18% of the recommended daily intake.
  2. Pears provide vitamin C (6 mg or 7% of the daily value per medium-sized pear), which is a dietary antioxidant that helps to reduce free radicals and lipid oxidation in body tissues. Pears also contain flavinols, an antioxidant linked to good brain health.
  3. Pears contain prebiotic fibre, which provides food for beneficial probiotic bacteria and gut health. 
  4. There is an important difference between added sugar (as found in soft drinks and candy) and natural sugar found in fruit. When you eat whole fruit, the natural sugar is paired with important vitamins, minerals, water and fibre – which play a role in overall health.
  5. Pears are low on the glycemic index (low GI).
*Source: USA Pears

Tips for creating a Cheese and Pear Board

  • The juicy Starkrimson shines when served with a briny cheese like feta or the earthy, nutty creaminess of a brie. 
  • Sweet Anjou pears sing when paired with a soft, tangy goat cheese or a smoked Gouda.
  • Crisp Bosc pears are delectable coupled with an assertive blue cheese, an aged cheddar or a Manchego.

A wooden board laid with sliced pears and cheeses


A green pear logo with "USA" written in red and "Pears" in green

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