A mango-coloured cooler with speakers on it and its lid off on a light blue circle graphic

Our top picnic product picks for summer 2023

Gorgeous gear, must-pack snacks and more.

Don’t let outdoor eating season pass you by without making the most of it. Whether you’re taking a meal somewhere urban or rural; on the beach or in the forest, we’ve found the best products for picnicking this summer.

Accessories and Gear

An abstract-pattern blanket and matching bag on a light blue circle graphic
Get Wavy Picnic Blanket,
Dock & Bay

This extra-large waterproof picnic blanket is made for big groups, but is shockingly lightweight. It has a nifty hole for umbrellas or parasols, and you can even grab matching beach towels if you’re headed to the surf.

Three white bowls stacked on a light pink circle graphic
The Low Serving Bowls,

Space-saving is key for any picnicker, and Fable’s new Low Nested Serving Bowls are perfect for the picnic basket. They’re hand-finished in Portugal with locally sourced and recycled clays that are fired twice to ensure durability.

A mango-coloured cooler with speakers on it and its lid off on a light blue circle graphic
Utopia Beach Radio Speaker Cooler Box,

What are the two things any good party needs? Music and drinks. This Aussie-made Sunnylife beach cooler covers both bases, with a 16-can-capacity food-safe interior and built-in speaker compatible with FM radio, AUX, USB and Bluetooth.

A yellow parasol-style umbrella over a light pink circle graphic
The Amalfi Umbrella,
Business & Pleasure Co.

Transport your picnic to the Italian coast with this cheery ‘Amalfi’ umbrella from Business & Pleasure. It’s designed to be durable, with a strong pole and framework, while providing maximum shady coverage.

$259 U.S.
A white bag with two loaves of bread on a light blue circle graphic
Baguette Tote,

This double-capacity baguette bag from the picnic experts at Aplat is made of a lightweight canvas that gets gradually coated with loose flour, forming a protective layer that will keep your loaves fresh.

$50 U.S.
Blue, white and black cups that say "Corkcicle" stacked in a pyramid shape over a light pink circle graphic
Eco Stackers,

Corkcicle’s new Eco Stackers are designed to replace plastic party cups. They’re made of high-quality stainless steel and feature the brand’s signature non-slip silicone bottom – both completely dishwasher-safe. 

A black-and-yellow weave wine bottle bag with a red cap visible on a light blue circle graphic
Bottle Basket,
Gohar World & Super Yaya

This chic bottle bag is perfect for toting wine, water or whatever drink your picnic calls for. It’s made of a bazin (West African cotton) weave and is part of a collaboration between Gohar World and Super Yaya.

$298 U.S.
A blue pouch with three jars on a light pink circle graphic
Fortnum’s Picnic Condiments Bag,
Fortnum & Mason

Take your sauces to the picnic in style with this handy bag from Fortnum’s. It’s made of recyclable materials and has a temperature-protecting lining patterned in one of the brand’s trademark prints.

A wooden tray with a bottle of red wine and two slots for glasses on a light blue circle graphic
Wood Portable Wine Picnic Table,
Mark & Graham

This customizable wooden wine table can be purchased with slots for two or four glasses, and you can personalize it with up to three characters in a variety of fonts.

Two blue silicone bags and one purple one with fruit in it on a light pink circle graphic
Bowl 3-Pack,

Stasher’s resealable food-safe silicone bowls have a round shape that’s perfect for things like sauces, salads and pasta and feature a pouring spout. They’re also microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

Four pairs of tongs – one light grey, one dark grey, one pink and one sage green – with white sales tags on a light blue circle graphic
9″ Stainless Steel Locking Tongs with Silicone Head,

A good pair of tongs will come in handy anywhere. These 9-inch ones from Walmart’s Mainstays are compact enough that you can pack multiples for your picnic, and they’re sold in a range of trendy pastel shades.


Food and Drink

A stack of yellow dip cups and a box on a light blue circle graphic
Cold Pressed Salad Dressing Single Serve Cups,
La Presserie

La Presserie’s cold-pressed salad dressings are plant-based, have no added water, no refined sugars, no artificial ingredients and are never pasteurized. The tangy Creamy Miso might be our fave – and it’s available in picnic-friendly individual servings.

An assortment of packaged snacks on a pale pink circle graphic
Classic Favourites Variety Snack Box,
Made Good

Made Good snacks are allergy-friendly and good for groups, which makes them perfect for tossing in the picnic basket. This variety pack comes with an assortment of granola, crispy squares, granola bars and granola minis.

An orange can and a pink can with wavy abstract designs and the word "daydream" on a light blue circle graphic
Infused Sparkling Waters,

Daydream’s sugar-and-caffeine free sparkling waters and mocktails are infused with hemp oil and adaptogens, so you can feel good sipping on back-to-back Passionfruit Palomas and Peach Ginger seltzers all day long.

A yellow-and-white can and a purple-and-white cans on a light pink circle graphic
Flavoured Hard Seltzers,
Good Fortune

Good Fortune’s summery wine spritzers are made with sparkling water, a splash of wine and fresh, floral botanical flavours. The Lavender Lemonade and Blackberry Elderflower flavours, newly arrived at the Wine Rack, are perfect for picnic sipping.

A white box with painted herbs and figs on a blue circle graphic
Flavoured Cracker Assortment,
The Fine Cheese Co.

If you’re serious about your cheese crackers, consider these UK imports – this variety set includes individual packs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt crackers, Rosemary & Extra Virgin Olive Oil crackers and Fig and Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil crackers.

A small blue tin on a pale pink circle graphic
Flake Sea Salt Travel Tin,
Vancouver Island Sea Salt

This pocket-sized tin of sea salt allows you to take the taste of the Canadian Pacific with you anywhere you go. It’s great for picnics, but you can also just toss it in your car or purse for future seasoning emergencies.

Six small jars of preserves on a light blue circle graphic
Mini Jams & Honey,
Bonne Maman

The iconic French preservatives from Bonne Maman can be purchased in miniature, so you can stock up on a variety for your picnic. Cover all your bases with some honey and a range of fruit spreads.

Two blue bags of chips on a pale pink circle graphic
Sal de Ibiza Potato Chips,
Sal de Ibiza

These chips are made in the Mediterranean with select Agria potatoes and a dusting of Ibiza sea salt. The white truffle flavour is indulgent and delicious, and the bags come packaged in individual portion sizes.

A small marble board with cheeses and a light blue box on a light blue circle graphic
Nibbl. Taster,

Nibbl’s ‘entertaining’ boxes come with an assortment of seasonal cheeses, compactly packed in a pretty blue box. This box comes with four of the brand’s top-shelf cheeses – think Alexis de Portneuf Capriny Fine Herbs Cheese and Woolwich Dairy Triple Cream Goat Brie.

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