The sweetest treats to gift this season

From the best Christmas chocolates to chai-flavoured sugar cubes and more.

Indulging in seasonal treats is a highlight of the holiday season for everyone. The stakes get higher when shopping for a fellow gourmand, which is why we’ve curated the best sweets, from nostalgic classics (peppermint bark!) to next-level chocolates (caramelized white chocolate!).

A white box of macarons in a pink circle
Holiday Gift Box,

The opulent, Louis-XVI-inspired design of Ladurée’s limited-edition holiday macaron gift box is a collaboration with Paris-based artist Amandine Delaunay.  Fill with your own choice of flavours, from Salted Caramel to Blackcurrant Violet.

$132 box of 28
A chocolate Christmas ornament and decorative box over a sparkly black circle
Blonde Chocolate Bauble,

Handcrafted in Dorset, England, this decadent “blonde” chocolate bauble (made with Cocoa Horizon’s sustainable GOLD chocolate) is filled with four miniature blonde chocolate gems. Bonus: the gorgeous box is completely compostable.

A Very Prairie Christmas Bakebook by Karlynn Johnston,
Appetite by Random House, an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada

The quintessential classic Christmas baking book, with over 120 recipes to celebrate the festive baker in all of us!

A bottle of pink wine over a sparkly black circle
Rosé Dolce Alcohol-Free Sparkling,
Prima Pavé

Prima Pavé’s alcohol-free sparkling wines are made in Italy and available in Canada at Pusateri’s, and Rosé Dolce is the sweetest of the bunch. Flavour notes are of pink lady apples, maraschino cherries, blood orange and strawberries.

Two bags over a red circle
Drinking Chocolate,

Nothing says ‘holidays’ like SoMa’s drinking chocolate. Toronto-based SoMA Chocolatemaker has a wide array of flavoured options for their rich drinking chocolate, from Yuzu to Bergamot to Malted Milk. Pick up a couple of their chocolate-swirled marshmallows to top off this gift.

From $8
An assortment of jars over a cream-coloured circle
The Sweetest Things Set,
Provisions Food Company

This bundle set is made up of Ontario-based Provisions’ sweetest product offerings: two jars of melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, two jars of sweet preserves (Peach Apricot and Bumbleberry), two jars of golden popcorn kernels and a jar of cinnamon sugar.


A blue bottle inside a red arch-shaped frame

Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry,

Treat your friends and family to Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry. This sherry can be mixed in a cocktail or served over ice with an orange slice.

Three pastel-coloured boxes shaped like miniature stoves and a pink mug with tea over a cream-coloured circle
Cookie Tea Oven Gift Set,
Sips By

This unique tea gift set is made up of an inspired assortment of cookie-flavoured (Almond, Sugar Cookie and Dark Chocolate) blends packaged in miniature pastel-coloured ovens (the oven doors even open). There’s enough tea for over 90 cups included.

A wooden gift crate filled with red packages over a pink circle
25 Years of Peppermint Bark Gift Crate,
Williams Sonoma

It’s the 25th anniversary of Williams Sonoma’s nostalgic Peppermint Bark. This limited-edition gift crate is filled with an assortment of Peppermint Bark treats, including cookies and a hot chocolate bomb.

A red bag and a pink bag over a sparkly black circle
Buttercream Shortbread Cookies (Pack of 2),
Yo-Yo Cookies

Made in Prince Edward Island, these indulgent cookie sandwiches are a combination of European-style shortbread (it’s a family recipe!) and buttercream. Available in Original Vanilla, Zesty Lemon, Red Velvet, ‘Oh My Chocolate’ and Salted Caramel.

A blue box in a pink circle
Snowflake Sugar Cookie Baking Kit,

This 100% vegan- and gluten-free baking kit includes all the essentials for whipping up a batch of frosted snowflake-shaped sugar cookies: a package of sugar cookie mix, glaze, a cookie cutter, candy cane and even parchment paper.

A red and pink striped package in a cream-coloured circle
Jingle Bell Pops Peppermint-Infused White Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn,

Eatable’s original holiday popcorn is covered in Belgian white chocolate, then tossed in candy cane pieces and peppermint-infused sugar crystals. A total treat.

A small red box in a pink circle
Hot Chocolate Spoons with Mini Marshmallows,
Crate & Barrel

The perfect stocking stuffer, these ‘spoons’ make next-level hot chocolate. Chocolate-dipped snowflake-shaped mini marshmallows melt when stirred into hot milk, making a rich, flavourful cup.

A dark bottle with a white label in a red arch-shaped frame

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port,
Graham’s Port

Treat your friends and family to Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port. This ready-to-drink port is sweet, medium-bodied and rich, making it a strong pairing for sweet dishes.

A brown box and pink glass of bubble tea over a sparkly black circle
Strawberry Milk Tea Boba Kit,

This kit comes with everything needed to make five servings of strawberry bubble tea, including tapioca pearls, flavoured powders and even straws. Better still, the brand has partnered with #TeamSeas so that with every purchase made, 1 lb. of trash is removed from our oceans.

Sugar Cubes,
Good Citizen Coffee Co.

These small-batch coffee sugar cubes were created in collaboration with Nashville’s BANG candy company, and come in five flavours: Caramel Vanilla, Chai Molasses, Chocolate Chili, Orange Ginger and Rose Cardamom.

$20 U.S.
A box of chocolates with an ajar blue-and-black lid over a red circle
Anne’s Divine Delights,
Anne of Green Gables Chocolate

Anne of Green Gables is the inspiration behind the handmade chocolates at the Charlottetown-based chocolate shop. This box of 21 chocolates has a selection of flavours, including Peanut Clusters, Coconut Cups, Pecan Toffee and, not to be forgotten, Raspberry (Anne’s favourite flavour) Cream.

A pink bottle over a cream-coloured circle
Neige Ice,
Ciderie Milton

This Quebec-made sparking rosé cider is sweet and fruity, with tasting notes of apple sauce, flowers and strawberry.


A dark blue book in a red arch-shaped frame

BReD by Ed Tatton with Natasha Tatton,
Penguin Canada

Vegan chef and artisan bread-maker Ed Tatton shares techniques and 100 recipes for making naturally leavened sourdough loaves, small breads and earth-friendly small baked goods.

A box with four canisters of gummy bears over a pink circle
California Holiday Gift Canister Set,
California Gummy Bears

This beautifully-packaged gift set comes with four canisters of gummy bears: Bel Air Sparkling Rose, Cinnamon Apple, Sour Four (a fruity mix) and Gift Wrapped (strawberry and green apple).

$76 U.S.


A triangular Toblerone gift box in a cream-coloured circle
Swiss Chocolate Gift Box,

Toblerone’s chocolate and almond nougat bars are a staple of the season for many. This seasonal gift box comes with four flavours (milk, dark, white and a crunchy salted caramel almond).

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