A plate of arancini

Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…

The possibilities are endless! This versatile grain can transport you to a world of delectable flavours and cuisines.

Imagine someone saying, “Hand me a cup of rice and let’s see where it takes us…” What would your culinary journey look like? Rice transcends borders, embraces diverse cuisine styles, and adapts to various cooking methods, all while offering nutrition and affordability. Next time you’re contemplating what to add to your table, think rice! 

As the festive season approaches, budget-conscious grocery shopping is more important than ever. The holidays call for thoughtful meals with loved ones, and affordability matters. At approximately 20 cents per serving, U.S.-grown rice is the perfect canvas for countless dishes. What’s more, rice grown in the United States is the most local option for Canadians, as our climate doesn’t allow for rice production. (Canada does grow wild rice, but don’t let the name fool you – wild rice is actually a type of grass!)

U.S. rice producers grow all varieties of rice, each bringing its unique charm to the table. There’s classic white and whole-grain rice, alongside aromatic wonders like Basmati with its nutty aroma, and Jasmine rice, known for its moisture-rich texture and distinct flavour. Arborio, Red Aromatic and Black Japonica rice are appreciated for their chewy textures. And don’t forget Sweet Rice – the sticky delight that binds grains together when cooked.

So, what will you make with your cup of rice? Here are delicious recipes that cater to every palate at your holiday table, making rice the star of your festive feast:

Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Jambalaya Arancini.

A plate of arancini

This spin on a Cajun classic combines U.S.-grown white long-grain rice, andouille sausage, jalapeno and garlic to create flavour-packed, crunchy and crispy delights. 


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Classic Paella.

A dish of traditional paella

After a long winter hike or a day on the slopes, we all need a warm, comforting meal. This recipe, infused with saffron, garlic and chorizo, marries shrimp and fresh mussels for a deliciously fragrant dish. 


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Smoked Salmon and Wild Rice Soup.

A white bowl of soup on a plate

For a lighter holiday lunch or brunch, try this gingery soup and serve with a toasted baguette, dill oil and a fresh green salad. 


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Turkey Gravy Rice Croutons.

A white plate with croutons and a ramekin of dipping sauce

Whether you’re looking to transform leftovers, create a unique appetizer, or add something fun to your festive spread, these savoury croutons deliver. Combining U.S.-grown long-grain brown rice, gravy and fresh herbs, the croutons are shaped and sautéed until golden and crisp, releasing a burst of holiday flavours. 


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Sushi Poppers.

A plate of rice balls crusted with sesame seeds

This recipe is a twist on traditional sushi, shaped into one-bite portions with no special skills or tools required. Filled with your choice of cucumbers, avocado, shrimp or anything else you desire, they are a fun and easy appetizer for a holiday party.


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…Gingerbread-Spiced Rice Pudding.

Red ramekins with dessert pudding and small gingerbread cookies

Rice pudding, a classic dessert favourite, unites U.S.-grown brown rice with holiday spices like cinnamon, cloves and ginger, producing creamy gingerbread-spiced rice pudding. A perfect ending to a holiday meal that can be prepared in advance for convenience. 


Hand me a cup of rice and I’ll give you…. No-Bake Chocolate Date and Rice ‘Truffles’.

A white plate with chocolate truffles

Add a unique touch to your cookie tray or bring as a gift for the host. These no-bake and gluten-free “truffles” are easy to prepare and can be made and frozen up to six months in advance.


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For these and many more recipes, plus cooking tips and nutritional information, visit https://riceinfo.com.
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