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6 new foodie books to read in 2024

Add these covetable titles to your summer reading list.

From the perfect chimichurri recipe to the ultimate tequila guide, this spring and summer’s most memorable books are made of foodie dreams.

Saucy by Ashley Boyd

A book titled "Saucy"

If you like condiments as much (if not more) than the actual dishes they’re served with, then you’ll love food blogger Ashley Boyd’s Saucy. The book is a collection of 50 easy, approachable, totally bold and delicious sauces that will add a little oomph to any meal in your repertoire. Try Orange Chimichurri on grilled chicken, Coconut Chile Crisp with eggs, Blackberry Basil Coulis drizzled over ice cream and so much more.


AfriCali by Kiano Moju

Recipe developer and internet personality Kiano Moju grew up in California with a Kenyan mother and Nigerian father, which, as you can imagine, had a profound impact on the way she cooks today. Inspired by her upbringing and travels, AfriCali explores the vibrant fusion of African cuisine and Californian culture, resulting in unfussy recipes – like Lentil Nuggets, Berbere Braised Short Ribs and Chicken and Okra Wet Fry – that will have no trouble pleasing a crowded table.


Flavorama by Arielle Johnson

Arielle Johnson is a “flavour scientist” (she literally has a Ph.D) who has built her career helping all-star chefs, like Noma’s René Redzepi, understand flavour better. Throughout Flavorama’s 99 recipes, Johnson breaks down the fundamentals of flavour to take your cooking to the next level – think hacks like what to use when you run out of basil for pesto and an “algorithm” for minimalist salad dressings.


The Connaught Bar by Agostino Perrone with Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milia

The Connaught Bar, in London, England, has spent years in the top 10 of the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars list. Now, acclaimed mixologist Agostino Perrone is taking us inside the iconic spot with a celebratory namesake book. Discover the bar’s history, recipes for 120 syrups, infusions and garnishes and the origins of 100 of its beloved cocktails, including the bright-green gin-based Juno and the Jackson Pollock-inspired Number 11, created for its 11th anniversary.


Make More With Less by Kitty Coles

Hands up if you’ve spent too long staring into your fridge not knowing what to do with anything inside. Food writer and stylist Kitty Coles is here to help with Make More With Less. Each section highlights a core recipe and then offers tips to jazz up leftovers with ingredients you already have on hand to prevent food waste. Learn how to perfect a roast chicken before turning it into tacos, plus what to do with all the almost-overripe fruit in your kitchen.


The Tequila Ambassador V.O. by Tomas Estes

In 2012, Tomas Estes – considered one of the world’s biggest tequila fans and ambassadors – wrote a book exploring all things tequila (from its history to the culture around it to how it’s made). Estes died in 2021, and now fellow ambassadors (including Estes’ son, Jesse) have reimagined the book, expanding upon the original work with new photos, expert insight and interviews with Estes before his death.

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