10 Barbie-friendly foods we can’t get enough of

From ice cream to lemonade to pasta, these are the pink foods we can't get enough of this summer.

Does food taste better when it’s pink? If you’re as obsessed with Barbie as I am, the answer is an automatic yes. As the movie of the summer breaks box office records around the world, food and drink companies are rising to the occasion with the best of their pink products.

As a life-long Barbie lover and full-time foodie, I’ve long been on the hunt for the ultimate Barbie dining experience. My search has taken me to Barbie cafés in Asia, and most recently to the pop-up tearoom at the World of Barbie experience when it was in Toronto. This summer’s many Barbie-friendly foods are a dream come true for my pink-loving palate, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites for you to peruse.

Burger King Brazil’s Barbie Burger

Burger King Brazil’s Barbie-tastic meal might be worth its own trip to South America. It includes a special Barbie cheeseburger made with a smoky-flavoured hot pink sauce, an order of ‘Ken’s Fries’ and a pink ‘Barbie Donut Shake.’

Cold Stone Creamery’s Barbie Ice Cream

The ‘All That Glitters is Pink’ ice cream creation from Coldstone Creamery is made with pink cotton candy ice cream, a graham cracker pie crust, colourful sprinkles and a creamy whipped topping. You can also get a ‘Best Cake Ever’ (inspired by the film’s ‘best day ever’ theme), made with layers of fluffy yellow cake and the cotton candy ice cream. The flavour is available at almost all Coldstone Creamery Locations in North America, including Canada.

Starbucks’ Pink Drinks

The pink drinks from Starbucks are fashion icons in their own right – you can even buy special handbags for the bottled version – so we’re confident that Barbie would grab one after her doctor’s appointment. At Canadian Starbucks locations, you can pick up a Frozen Strawberry Acai Lemonade or Strawberry Coconut Drink, along with a range of pink merchandise (and a bouquet of pink cake pops for good measure).

Swoon’s Barbie Pink Lemonade

The Barbie Pink Lemonade from Swoon is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, made with no sugar (it’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit). 10% of net sales go to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an ongoing global initiative that aims to give girls around the world the resources and support they need to succeed professionally.

Propercorn’s Barbie Popcorn

The UK’s Proper Snacks created this limited-edition packaging for their light and sweet popcorn. It’s totally vegan and clocks in at 94 calories per serving – but it’s the chance to win one of 16 trips to California that makes buying these bags so tempting.

Pink Door Pizza

If you’re a Barbie fan in Calgary, you need to order from Pink Door Pizza, stat – each pie comes in a bright pink box with orange detailing, and they make their own beer to go with it (blonde ale in a pink can – of course).

Krispy Kreme Philippines’ Barbie Donuts

Barbie fans in the Philippines can swing by a Krispy Kreme location to try out one of the new limited-edition Barbie decorated donuts. The classic ‘Original’ flavour is now available in a glittery pink or baby blue, and you can wash them down with a special Barbie Cotton Candy Chiller drink.

Sushi Dept’s Takeout Box

Montreal’s Sushi Dept is known for their iconic hot pink boxes (that are sustainably-made and recyclable) as well as a range of classic and creative rolls – everything from salmon maki to popcorn shrimp sushi.

Pinkberry’s Barbie Land Berry Pink Frozen Yogurt

The new Barbie Land Berry Pink flavour from Pinkberry is made with a blend of strawberry and dragon fruit frozen yogurt, topped with glittery sprinkles and then all yours to customize. Ideal for enjoying on a summer beach stroll.

Pastifica Di Martino’s Barbie Pasta Tin

One of the more unique collaborations is this line of Barbie pasta from Pastificio Di Martino – and the products all ship worldwide. Some of the brand’s most popular pastas, including spaghetti, farfalle and orzo, now come in limited-edition pink bags. You can also get a Barbie Chef Box, which includes an assortment of pastas, a miniature cookbook and a Pasta Chef Barbie doll.

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