A woman at a kitchen island making brownies

Candace Nelson’s dream kitchen is culinary perfection

This pastry chef-worthy kitchen is a hub for entertaining and baking.

Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Candace Nelson knows the power of chocolate and espresso – and the importance of kitchen appliances that will let you achieve culinary perfection. That’s why when it came time for the Indonesian-born, L.A. based pastry chef behind what is thought to be the world’s first cupcake bakery to design her dream kitchen, she knew it would have to be an oasis where she could whip up as many chocolate-forward espresso treats as she wanted. The space, of course, had to look beautiful and, even more importantly, it had to be stocked with appliances she could count on to deliver exceptional meals every single time. After all, she’d be using it as a test kitchen for new recipes, as a hub for entertaining and as a place where she could spend time with her two sons and make some of their favourite things, like her decadent and moist Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Recipe from The Sprinkles Baking Book.

That’s why Nelson, who you may also know as one of the judges on the Netflix competition series Sugar Rush, opted for appliances from Gaggenau’s 400 Series: the Single-Wall Oven and Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. “Gaggenau hits it out of the park in terms of design. [Its pieces are] simply stunning,” she says. “I love contemporary art and I feel that Gaggenau is as close as it comes to contemporary art for your kitchen. And the functionality is incredible. It’s really rare to find anything that functions as beautifully as it looks, and Gaggenau definitely does.”

A personal café at your fingertips

A woman uses a wall unit espresso machine

Nelson’s Gaggenau 400 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine seamlessly fits in with her contemporary aesthetic, and it uses a continuous flow heater to maintain a constant brewing temperature, so it’s ready to make everything from espresso shots to creamy cappuccinos whenever the mood strikes.

An elegant and chef-worthy wall oven

A woman handling a pan of brownies in an oven

Gaggenau’s 400 Series Single-Wall Oven – which boasts a sleek handleless door that opens automatically, 17 heating methods and a core-temperature probe that estimates cooking time – is, by far, Nelson’s favourite Gaggenau appliance. “I love the large window – I can always see everything that’s going on in there,” she says. “I love that when my hands are full, I can open it with the touch of a pinky finger. It’s so well-calibrated, and there are so many options.”

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