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Champagne glasses for every budget, from $3 to $375

Whether you prefer coupes or tulip-shaped, we’ve found the right Champagne glass for you.

From the famous flute to the ancient blida, sparkling wine has traditionally been enjoyed in a range of glass types. The drink tends to be associated with toasting, so the instruments can’t be overlooked – and they’re often designed with a celebratory flair.

As a general rule, the official Comité Champagne recommends “a tall, bulbous glass with a narrow top, shaped like a tulip. Your Champagne will then be able to deploy all its aromas and fine bubbles.” Flutes and coupes are a more popular choice, and well-made ones will similarly highlight aromatics and carbonation. Famed sommelier Aldo Sohm recommends a wine glass, to give the drink more room as climate change leads to richer-tasting wines – but he’s a fan of the tulip shape as well.

For budget-watchers or big spenders, these are some champagne glasses worth raising.


Wider bowl; narrowed lip

Plain Crystalline Sparkling Wine Flute,
Ingrid Amber Champagne Glass,
Crate & Barrel
Champagne Glass,
Ghost Zero Tulip Champagne Glass,
Nude Glass


Tall and narrow bowl

Swirl Champagne Flute,
Mint Green Champagne Flute,
Vista Alegre
Fluted Champagne Flute,
Richard Brendon
Iskender Champagne Flute,


Shallow, saucer-like bowl

STORHET Champagne Coupe,

Amber Champagne Coupe,

Marie Peony Coupe Cocktail Glass,

Rialto Coupe in Millicent,
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