ELLE Gourmet loves Mionetto Prosecco

With its fine bubbles and its fresh and fruity aromas, it's no surprise that Mionetto is the best-selling Prosecco in the world.

There’s prestige and quality in every single detail of a bottle of the well-structured sparkling Mionetto Prosecco, from the location of the Mionetto winery set amidst the gently rolling hills of Valdobbiadene, a small town in the province of Treviso, Italy, to the finished bottle with its sophisticated ribbon-like labelling angled as an ode to the gradual rise and fall of the terrain where it was made. Mionetto Prosecco is a premium wine prized for its refreshing lightness and complexity of flavour.

In 1887, the love and passion for the land led master winemaker Francesco Mionetto to open the Mionetto winery near Valdobbiadene. The wine-growing region of Treviso has always produced high-quality Prosecco, and Mionetto Prosecco is no exception. The winters there are long, but not too cold, while the summers are hot, but not sweltering; the ideal environment for the grape variety Glera (the base for Prosecco) to best express itself. 100% Glera grapes give this sparkling wine a luminous straw yellow hue and an emphatic yet stylish mousse. The bouquet is fine and delicate, with fruity scents redolent of golden apple, while the palate is appealingly marked by aromatic notes of golden apple, white peach and honey. Well-balanced acidity provides a fresh and lively mouthfeel with a clean dry finish.

Mionetto’s reputation for producing exceptional wines is a result of its core values of passion, family, heritage and Italian style. Quality, tradition and innovation are the strong foundation that Mionetto Prosecco is built on. That’s why it’s no surprise that consumers have chosen to celebrate life’s special moments – big or small – with Mionetto, making it the bestselling Prosecco in the world.

With its fine bubbles and a food-friendly low alcohol content, Mionetto Prosecco DOC Prestige Brut is versatile and can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif, throughout the meal or as a sophisticated addition to cocktails. Pair with vegetables, minestrone, grilled fish and seafood. 

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