pears in a pile

Juicy, ripe pears add magic to holiday recipes

No matter how you use them, USA Pears are your next favourite ingredient.

Available all year round and undeniably delicious, pears are the nutritious sweet that you should eat. If you think of pears as the perfect fall fruit, well, you’re not wrong. But with more than 10 varieties of pears available throughout the year, you can almost always find one that’s ready to enjoy. Ranging in flavour from sweet to very sweet, pears are delicious. Though there’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly ripe pear, there are so many other ways to use them. Try them as a substitute for apples in baking or even in a more savoury application – think juicy, ripe pears paired with gooey cheeses and on a grazing board.

Pear Spritz Mocktail

A glass with a drink on a marble surface and a pear visible in the background
Photography, Stacey Brandford

 The aromatic Bartlett pear is the perfect choice for this rosemary-infused non-alcoholic spritz, but feel free to substitute with any variety that’s conveniently available. It can also be made with a splash of white wine or rum.


Baked Brie With Honey Pear Topper

A dish of brie on a marble surface with a whole pear and a knife

Pears have an affinity with all nuts, especially hazelnuts. Sweet, crisp Bosc pear combined with toasted hazelnuts is the ideal topper for a show-stopping baked brie.

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