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Unique host and hostess gifts for the holidays

Thoughtful gifts to help you show your appreciation.

It’s the entertaining season, and no one wants to show up to the party empty-handed. But what to bring? According to etiquette expert Emily Post, your gift doesn’t have to be over-the-top. “Always appreciated, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; simply consider the nature of the occasion and local custom when making your choice.” To help, we’ve curated a list of gifts to help you show your appreciation for all the effort your host has made.

Two circular golden candle holders in a cream-coloured circle
Metal Candlesticks,

H&M’s sculptural gold candle holders are made with 100% recycled aluminum and come in three sizes. Gift them on their own, or grab a pair of candy-cane-inspired taper candles to go with.

From $24
A white wine bottle bag with four coloured stripes at the base over a maroon circle
HBC Stripes Classic Multistripe Wine Tote,
The Bay

Whether you’re picking up some bubbly or a crisp Riesling, this insulated wine tote will keep it cool en route. It’s made of a durable cotton canvas decorated with HBC’s iconic coloured stripes at the base.

A bottle of red wine in a red arch-shaped frame
Castello di Gabbiano Chianti Classico DOCG,
Castello di Gabbiano

This Chianti offers aromas and flavours of dark fruit and gentle baking spice, with prune and honey notes. Castello di Gabbiano Chianti Classico DOCG is the perfect wine to gift the hostess and serve with your holiday meals.

Two coasters with mosaic Christmas designs in a sparkly black circle
Festive Bistro Tile Coaster,

Anthropologie’s popular Bistro Tile Collection has gotten a seasonal makeover with the introduction of limited-edition holiday designs. These 24k gold-decaled glazed coasters are available in two festive patterns.

Two pine wreaths, one with plates and napkins overtop, over a red circle
Frosted Pine Wreath Chargers,
Pottery Barn

These functional and festive charger plates resemble miniature frost-crusted pine wreaths. They can be used to keep tabletops safe from hot dishes, or to create a unique and memorable table setting.

Two wine glasses with dried flowers inside the glass in a cream-coloured circle
Dried Flowers Wine Glasses Set of 2,
Simons Maison

These unique glasses have dried flowers in soft, warm colours. They’re the perfect choice for raising a glass of world-class natural wine – or any wine. They’re dishwasher-safe, too.

A ceramic oil dispenser in a maroon circle
Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser,
Poterie Bonmatin

This beautiful handmade ceramic oil dispenser can be ordered in two different material options – metal, for holding olive or other cooking oils; or plastic (which doesn’t corrode) for vinegars, soy sauce or soap.

A bottle of red wine over a cream-coloured circle
Rapturous Red,
Grow Wild

Grow Wild wines are named for the wildflowers that grow abundantly between the label’s vineyards in Ontario. The Rapturous Red is fruity and a bit sweet, with notes of cherry, plum and a bit of spice.

Three stacked jars and a white box in a red circle
Trio For Wine Gift Box,
Salted Co. Fancy Cocktail Nuts

Toronto-based Salted Co. Fancy Cocktail Nuts takes the guesswork out of entertaining with its snack-worthy nuts. This trio comes with three jars of Marcona and Valencia almonds, paired with ingredients like candied rosemary and spicy chili, made for enjoying with wine.

A panettone on a white cake stand and a box with a red lid over a sparkly black circle
Eataly Signature Classic Panettone,

Canada’s new favourite destination for authentic Italian groceries and gifts has launched their own line of panettoni. Eataly’s Signature Classic Panettone is fluffy and just-sweet-enough, with a generous helping of raisins and candied orange peel.

A wooden cutting board with kitchen conversion details over a red circle
Kitchen Conversions Cutting Board,
Elk and Elm Home

Following recipes from around the world is a breeze with this combination cutting board/conversions chart. It’s made of birch wood and laser-engraved with standard conversions for metric and imperial measurements.

A nutcracker in white and wooden tones over a maroon circle
18-Inch Wood Soldier Nutcracker,

Nutcrackers are easily one of the season’s most popular decorations. This 18-inch wooden one is both functional and stylish, with its muted wood and white look. (Don’t worry – it cracks nuts just as well as its more colourful cousins.)

Two containers with white and orange labels in a cream-coloured circle
Negroni Lovers Duo,
Cocktail Emporium

The negroni-lover in your life is sure to appreciate this gift set that includes a vial of Top Shelf Orange Bitters (handcrafted in small batches by Top Shelf Distillers in Perth) and a jar of the Cocktail Emporium’s candied orange slices.

Four Christmas crackers with geometric designs in shades of green, pink and purple in a sparkly black circle
Set of 8 Mini Cocktail Crackers,

Christmas crackers are perfect for kicking off or capping a delicious holiday dinner. These colourful, geometric-patterned ones from Indigo contain game cards with trivia and riddles, as well as the traditional tissue paper crowns.

A bottle of tequila over a red circle
Tromba Cedano Tequila,
Tequila Tromba

Master Distiller Marco Cedano has been crafting premium Mexican tequila for over 50 years, and the label on this bottle of the Cedano resposado pays tribute to that storied reputation. Fun fact: a Canadian, Eric Brass, co-founded the Tequila Tromba brand.

A white marble bowl with a gold butter knife slotted into the top in a sparkly black circle
Marble Butter Bowl and Knife,

Pass the butter, please. H&M’s elegant yet affordable butter dish comes with a marble bowl base and a brushed-gold stainless steel butter knife that handily slots across the top. This versatile piece will get used year-round.

A white tea towel with Christmas cookies over a red circle
Holiday Tea Towel,
Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co.’s holiday-themed tea towels come in eight colourful patterns, including this one inspired by Christmas cookie decorating. Gift on its own, or with some cookies on the side.

$20 U.S.
Gift boxes and four bottles with warm, dark labels over a cream-coloured circle
Mini Collection Dark,
3/4 Tonic Maison

3/4 Tonic Maison’s drink mixers are naturally-flavoured and bold. This gift set comes with four products made for pairing with dark liquors: Vermillon, Old Fashioned and chocolatey Coco Café syrups, along with a vial of aromatic bitters from the also-Montreal-based Sombre & Amer.

A light apron, two oven mitts and wooden pepper mill over a red circle
Plain Recycled Cotton Accessories,
Simons Maison

This simple oven mitt and apron set will come in handy in any kitchen (including your own, should you wish to treat yourself). It comes in white, black, red or yellow recycled cotton fabric.

A green pouch, latte in a mug and iced latte with a straw over a cream-coloured circle
Gingerbread Blend,

Blume’s superfood-filled tea and coffee blends make flavourful, healthy lattes that are perfect for warming up on a winter day. The limited-edition gingerbread blend is made with ginger to support digestion, then naturally sweetened with date, molasses and lucuma.

A small white package and six miniature wedges of cheese in a sparkly black circle
Cheese, Please Drink Charms,

Wine glass markers come in all shapes and sizes, but foodies will appreciate these cheese-inspired ones that slot onto rims. You can also grab them in citrus, donut or pizza versions – pick based on your host’s snack preferences.

Four cupcakes with Christmas-themed toppers and red-and-green patterned paper, as well as a green house-shaped package, over a black sparkly circle
Festive House Cupcake Kit,
Meri Meri

Classic cupcakes become a festive seasonal dessert with this decorating kit. The house-shaped package contains red-and-green cups as well as paper toppers in five different shapes (a Santa, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, candy canes and reindeer).

Two white animal-shaped candle holders with green taper candles over a maroon circle
Winter White Creature Candle Holder,

These understated-yet-whimsical candle holders come in two limited-edition options (a deer or a leopard). They each hold one taper candle, making them perfect for holiday tablescapes and hostess gifting.

A pink pair of socks and a white mug with small golden hearts in a red circle
Mug And Sock Set, Black & Gold Heart,

There’s a reason mugs and socks make some of the most popular gifts: everyone can find some use for them. This gift set has a cozy pair of knitted pink socks and a large porcelain mug decorated with golden hearts (if you’re shopping for a host with more rustic style, snag the plaid set).

A wooden serving tray with a black jar candle and a black bowl filled with oranges over a maroon circle
Wood Tray (Large),
Nineteen Ten

This spacious wooden serving tray is made of bentwood (wood that has been wetted and bent into curved shapes). Perfect for leaving out on a coffee table or buffet, but also a functional serving piece.

A box and both sides of a photo/recipe card over a red circle
The Wine and Cheese Board Deck,
Meg Quinn

Food stylist Meg Quinn makes wine and cheese pairing easy and accessible with this giftable card deck. It has 54 cards featuring 50 different pairings for wines, cheese and unique snacks (such as bourbon- and cheese-stuffed figs with Chenin Blanc).

Three jars with black lids and coloured labels in a cream-coloured circle
Caramel Choco-Coffee Gift Box,
La Lichée

La Lichée’s Quebec-made caramel sauces are rich and sweet, perfect for drizzling over ice cream, cakes and other sweet snacks. This gift set comes with a jar of chocolate caramel, salted chocolate caramel and coffee-flavoured caramel.

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