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The top 3 ice cream scoops

Everyone needs a good ice cream scoop. These ones are the best.

The grip. The edge. The depth. The ice cream scoop is no simple serving spoon; it’s a masterpiece in culinary engineering, perfected over generations of tinkering and ergonomic tailoring in search of the perfect creamy construction. No more hacking away with a soup spoon at your Ben & Jerry’s – here are our three top ice cream scoops.

FYI, sometimes even the best ice cream scoop needs a helping hand: if your ice cream is frozen hard, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before scooping.

The Cadillac

Ice cream just got a little more tempting thanks to Belle-V’s elegant sculpted stainless-steel scoops, available in right AND left-handed versions. The weighted handle of the Left-Hand Ice Cream Scoop is specifically designed for lefties, while the angled head sails through the hardest of ice creams while tackling hard-to-reach corners. Tip: It works wonders with avocados, too.

Belle V left handed ice cream scoop
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The Classic

It’s the old-school star of ice cream slinging; the Frank Sinatra of frozen sweets. The Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop made a 70-year journey from humble origins to its own exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. So what’s its secret? Heat-conductive liquid inside the scoop transfers warmth from your hand into the bowl, making the ice cream easier to scoop.

Zerroll ice cream scoop against a white background

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The No-Frills

Ice cream is one of life’s great simple pleasures, and a simple approach to construction makes a just-as-tasty cone. OXO’s Good Grips Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop has all the essentials and none of the fuss: no-slip handle? Check. Slightly-pointed tip for scraping the carton? Check. High-capacity cone and pint of Rocky Road? Check, check and check.

Steel ice cream scoop with black rubber handle

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