Masayoshi prepares sashimi in a kitchen.

Sushi master Masayoshi Baba is taking over Vancouver’s top raw bar

Nigiri expert Masayoshi Baba will be directing a new dining program at the Lobby Lounge & RawBar.

A familiar face on the Van City sushi scene is coming to the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Internationally renowned sushi master (and West Coast seafoodie icon) Masayoshi Baba will be the new consulting head sushi chef at the hotel’s Lobby Lounge & RawBar.


Masayoshi’s namesake restaurant serves only nigirizushi: raw fish pressed over rice. His techniques were honed over years of study across Japan and BC and are a must-try for sushi lovers both local and international. Like at Masayoshi, the sushi at RawBar will be Omakase, meaning the chef selects the menu (the phrase means “I’ll leave it up to you.”).

Two plates of assorted sushi rolls.Lobby bars provide a unique dining experience that’s often under-appreciated in the restaurant biz. Some diners may not consider a hotel lobby a refined environment for a high-end meal, but anyone cruising through the grandeur of today’s high-end hotel foyers will see the appeal of lingering for a while. If you want to rub elbows with the glitzy international crowd and enjoy inspired cuisine from diverse chefs, lobby bars can make for a truly immersive experience.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim is a pocket of pure Vancouver chic, with the balance between sleek urban style and natural scenery that so reflects the city. The Lobby Lounge has no shortage of accolades: its bar has graced the pages of Forbes, Canada’s 50 Best, and of course airline mags. RawBar’s award from the Vancouver Aquarium, though, stands on its own – they were awarded the Where Canada Sustainable Seafood Award and named Vancouver’s first 100% Ocean Wise sushi destination. (They get extra points in our book for the photo-friendly white marble tables that make sharing your elegant bites online a breeze.)

The Lobby Lounge & RawBar at the Fairmont Pacific Rim

Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge & RawBar
1038 Canada Place, Vancouver
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