10 easy mango float recipes to make this summer

This tropical no-bake dessert couldn't be easier to make.

You heard it here first: mangoes are in vogue this season. In their 2024 Summer Trends Report, Pinterest is predicting that the mango float, in particular, will be all the rage. Here’s what to know about the internet’s new favourite dessert.

What is a mango float?

A mango float – also known as mango royale, crema de mangga, mango graham and mango icebox cake – is a popular Filipino dessert made with biscuits (usually graham crackers), mangoes, heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. There are variations (for example, some people use ladyfingers or Biscoff cookies in place of graham crackers) but the dessert generally consists of layers of cookie crumbs, whipped cream and mangoes. It’s then chilled until set in a fridge or freezer.

What kind of mangoes are best for a mango float?

The Carabao mango (also known as the Filipino mango or Manila mango) is the traditional variety recommended by chefs for this dessert. If you can’t find it, many Filipino food writers suggest using Ataulfo or Champagne mangoes, which are extra-sweet and tender.

1. Bake With Zoha’s Easy Mango Float

Zoha Malik specializes in “simple and indulgent bakes” on her blog Bake With Zoha. Her mango float comes together in under 20 minutes and uses Biscoff cookies in place of the traditional graham crackers (though you can use those if you prefer).


2. Tasha’s Artisan Foods’ Mango Float

A pie dish with a mango float on a white tile countertop

“No oven? No problem! Mango icebox cake is the perfect summer, no-bake dessert,” writes Natasha Minocha on her blog, Tasha’s Artisan Foods. Minocha uses swirls of mango purée and mango cubes to decorate the top.


3. Catherine Zhang’s Mango Float

A slice of mango float

Catherine Zhang makes her mango float by alternating extra-thin layers of graham crackers, cream and mangoes, making the 4-ingredient dessert look much more intricate.


4. Hot Thai Kitchen’s No-Bake Icebox Mango Pie (Filipino Mango Royale)

A slice of mango float pie with the rest of it visible in the background

Pailin Chongchitnant is known for her easy, authentic Thai dishes, but her blog Hot Thai Kitchen branches out. According to her, “If you love mangoes, and you love mango desserts, [this dish] is an absolute must-try; right after mango and sticky rice, of course!”


5. Floured Frame’s Vegan Mango Float

A baking tray with a mango dessert

To make the mango float vegan, Keisha of The Floured Frame uses dairy-free heavy whipping cream and sweetened coconut condensed milk. She also shares a hack: soak the graham crackers in the plant-based milk before layering them, to make sure they stay soft and cake-like when eaten.


6. The Little Epicurean’s Mango Royale

A slice of mango float on a white plate

Maryanne Cabrera includes a foodie history lesson in her mango royale recipe on her blog, The Little Epicurean. The ‘Filipino Food 101’ blurb explains the dish’s evolution from crema de fruta, the dessert that inspired it.


7. The Unlikely Baker’s Mango Graham Cake

A slice of mango float on a white plate

“Whatever you decide to call this dessert, it’s very easy to make,” writes Jolina of The Unlikely Baker. “It’s all about the layers.” This in-depth tutorial includes instructions for slicing mangoes perfectly – a skill you’ll use for life.


8. The Maya Kitchen’s Mango Graham Float

Drinking glasses with a mango dessert

The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Centre in Makati, Philippines, is known for their in-person cooking school – but you can pick up some of their know-how on their blog. They suggest preparing mango floats parfait-style, in drinking glasses, and they add toasted cashews for added crunch.


9. Foxy Folksy’s Mango Float

Foxy Folksy, the food blog run by Bebs Manaloto-Lott, specializes in Filipino recipes – so it’s no surprise they have a mango float recipe (as well as an avocado float).


10. Kitchen Confidante’s Mango Float

A slice of mango float with a spoon on a plate

Liren Baker of Kitchen Confidante created this mango float recipe after her daughter saw “reels upon reels” of the dessert online. She recommends using Ataulfo mangoes (also known as Champagne or Honey mangoes), which are particularly sweet and tender.


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