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20 delicious treats for eco-conscious foodies

Make every bite count and lower your carbon foodprint with a sustainably-produced treat.

In honour of Earth Day, we’ve curated a collection of sustainably-made food and drinks that we can stand behind. Some of the products use upcycled ingredients, while others are made using carbon-neutral and small-scale manufacturing methods. From artisanal jams to upcycled tea blends to a crisply-delicious Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, there’s something for everyone.

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Tea Canisters,
Pluck Teas

Like all of their teas, Toronto-based Pluck Teas’ makes their five upcycle-certified tea blends in small batches. Premium ingredients (like the upcycled cacao shells used in After Dinner Mint tea) are sourced from local fellow food makers. Flavours include Chocolate Chai and Citrus Ginger.

Four containers of yogurt on a dark green circle
Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative,
Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest is widely known for their coconut water, and they now have an upcycled-certifed plant-based yogurt alternative made with the leftover coconut meat. It’s available in the flavours Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango.

A bottle of white wine in a light green frame.
Tierra Rica Sauvignon Blanc,
Tierra Rica

Produced using sustainable practices – including 100% renewable energy – this certified-organic and -vegan Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is expressive, crisp and refreshing. It showcases aromas of citrus fruits, tropical notes of passionfruit and pairs beautifully with seafood.


Two cartons of milk on a dark green circle

Silk’s sprawling sustainability initiatives span water conservation, pollinator protection, tree-planting programs and more. NextMilk is their newest product on the market, made with a formula of oat, soy and coconut. It’s a perfect dupe for using in recipes that call for the authentic stuff.

A brown paper bag on a light green circle
Protein Delivery,
Wild Fork

Toronto-based Wild Fork offers over 500 blast-frozen proteins for home delivery – all part of their mission to cut food waste by extending the shelf life of staple groceries that are often tossed after expiry. Stock levels are carefully monitored so that extra inventory can be donated to Food Banks Canada well ahead of the expiry dates.

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Spice Passport,
Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel partners directly with suppliers to source the ingredients for their creative and flavourful spice blends, which allows them to pay a fair price and ensure sustainable practices. This spice ‘passport’ contains 8 half-teaspoon servings of their best-selling blends.


Two bags of chips on a light green circle
Pulp Chips Variety Pack,
Pulp Pantry

The Shark Tank panel fell in love with these innovative veggie chips made from the fibre left behind after vegetables are juiced. Four flavours are available now for pre-order: Jalapeño Lime, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, Sea Salt and Spicy Barbecue.

$35 U.S.
Three containers on a dark green circle
Seafood Snacks,
Scout Canning

The wild yellowfin tuna in Scout’s new to-go seafood snacks is harvested ethically in North American waters using a diver-assisted method to avoid bycatch. The snack packs come with three different crunchy topping options: Chili Crisp, Za’taar and Chile Jalapeño.

A white clamshell container on a light green circle
Plant-Based Ripened Brie,
Future of Cheese

From superstar chef Craig Harding and Canadian cheese expert-extraordinaire Afrim Pristine comes Future of Cheese: a plant-based brie with a perfectly mild flavour and smooth texture. The packaging is plant-based and compostable, and all ingredients are sourced from sustainable suppliers.


Three jars of fruit spreads on a dark green circle
Variety 3 Pack,
Chia Smash

Chia Smash sources unwanted and rejected produce to make their flavourful fruit spreads. The Blueberry, Cherry Pomegranate, Raspberry and Strawberry flavours are all packed with superfood antioxidants and give a second life to food that would otherwise go to waste.

$35 U.S.
A bottle of ginger beer on a light green circle
Ginger Beer,

Canadian beverage company Greenhouse goes through a lot of ginger to make their cold-pressed juices, kombuchas, detox shots and more. They now upcycle the pulp and use it to brew a ginger tea that forms the base for this bold, refreshing ginger beer.

A pink box of ramen on a dark green circle
Ramen Kits,
Abo Ramen

Abokichi’s make-at-home ramen kits are healthy, totally plant-based and utterly delicious. The noodles are made with okara, a byproduct of soy and tofu manufacturing, and the broth is made with the by-product of sake brewing.


A bag of coffee with a monarch butterfly on a light green circle
Canadian Wildlife Federation Coffee – Monarch Blend,
Equator Coffee Roasters

Pollinators like monarch butterflies are essential for preserving Canada’s ecosystems. Proceeds from this nutty, vanilla-flavoured blend from Ontario-based Equator go to the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s conservation efforts.

A chocolate bar on a dark green circle
Licorice & Sea Buckthorn Chocolate Bar,

The cocoa used by Finnish fair-trade chocolate company Goodio is never sourced from cleared rainforest areas or transported farther than necessary, and the gorgeous packaging is biodegradable. This distinctive flavour is made with sweet licorice and Nordic sea buckthorns.

Reserva Malbec,
Terrazas de los Andes

Terrazas de los Andes’ Malbec bottles have undergone an eco-friendly makeover: a lightweight design made with sustainable materials that reduces the winery’s CO2 emissions. The wine itself is expressive and indulgent, with notes of black plums, blackberry, baking spices and mocha.


Two bags of chips on a dark green circle
Remix Snacks

These addictive Canadian-made snacks are made with upcycled carrots that have been rejected for not meeting the aesthetic standards required for retail sale. The crunchy puffs come in two flavours: Smoky Paprika and Vegan Chedd’r.

A bottle of raspberry liqueur on a light green circle
Raspberry Gin Liqueur,
Wayward Distillery

All the spirits at Vancouver Island’s Wayward Distillery are crafted on a base of fermented and distilled from sustainable locally-sourced honey. The company also teamed up with Pollinator Partnership Canada to donate a percentage of proceeds to ecosystem-conservation efforts.

Two packs of gum on a dark green circle
Classic Gum,
Simply Gum

Chewing gum is often made with synthetic plastics, so unlike many other companies that use synthetic plastics to make gum, Simply Gum uses consciously-harvested chicle (tree sap) from Central America to make their lightly-flavoured gums available in Spearmint, Cinnamon and more.


A turquoise bag of crackers on a light green circle
Everything Flax Crackers,
Nud Fud

The ultra-healthy crackers made at Nud Fud are plastic-neutral, meaning that for every bag sold, an equivalent plastic bag is pulled from the ecosystem. The fibre-rich Everything crackers are made with activated golden flax, sunflower and sesame seeds, then sprinkled with garlic, poppy, onion and sesame seeds.

A jar of honey on a dark green circle
Raw Honey made with Propolis, Royal Jelly + Bee Pollen,
Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeeper’s Naturals uses remote apiaries that are never over-harvested, and a portion of proceeds from the company’s sales go to bee conservation efforts. This jar is packed with raw, enzymatic honey infused with royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis.

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