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‘Unite the Bite’ with lesley stowe almond flour raincoast crisps®

raincoast crisps launches new varieties salty date and rosemary raisin almond flour.

Gone are the days of being divided over our dietary preferences. With lesley stowe’s new almond flour raincoast crisps you can unite all your guests around your favourite cheeseboard, charcuterie platter or picnic blanket, enjoying the same raincoast crisps you know you love – now available gluten-free*.

Any frequent host knows the difficulties that can come with accommodating guests’ dietary needs. No one wants their company to feel left out of the meal they’re sharing – and that’s not to mention the food waste that can come with a one-time purchase of an allergy-friendly product. In our opinion, the best way to cover all your bases and ensure everyone is comfortable and fed is to serve delicious snacks that everyone in the group can eat together.

Made in small batches with the finest of ingredients and irresistible flavour pairings, these crisps are a pantry staple of any seasoned entertainer. They also make a great snack to take on the go or enjoy solo with a glass of wine. The most notable quality of these new crisps is not that they’re gluten-free (although it could be) but instead it’s the delicious varieties, rosemary raisin and salty date.

Rosemary raisin almond flour raincoast crisps

box of crackers on green background surrounded by ingredients

The rosemary raisin crisps delicately combine Thompson raisins with rosemary, almond flour, pumpkin and chia seeds to create a delightful (and healthy) taste. Perfectly suited to be served with a semi-soft Roquefort, drizzled with honey and accompanied by a bold cabernet sauvignon. On a hot summer day, try a cold amber ale and top the crackers with Iberian ham or salami – the combination of quality cold cuts and crunchy raincoast crisps is a guaranteed flavour winner.


Lesley Stowe's Rosemary Raisin Almond Flour Raincoast Crisp
rosemary raisin almond flour raincoast crisps topped with blue cheese and honey

Salty date almond flour raincoast crisps

box of crackers surrounded by ingredients on yellow board

The salty date crisps have a subtle caramel flavour from dried dates and a coarse sea salt finish. Each crisp is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, making them a safe bet for experimenting with toppings. Try out a wedge of smoked cheddar, a few slices of apple, some fresh herbs and serve with a cold glass of dry resiling. For a bubbly iteration, enjoy with a pale ale, some salty prosciutto and Havarti cheese. There’s your summer picnic menus sorted.


Lesley Stowe's Salty Date Almond Flour Raincoast Crisp
salty date almond flour raincoast crisps topped with applewood smoked cheddar and apple

For a casual dinner party, family gathering or an elegant evening, these crisps are a simple and elevated way to cater to everyone’s dietary preferences. And the best part? They’re so good you’ll forget they’re gluten-free.

For more information visit lesley stowe raincoast crisps. Available at your local grocery store.

*raincoast crisps almond flour is made with naturally gluten-free ingredients, however is not certified gluten-free.


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