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12 best Valentine’s Day-themed bevvies to sip with your sweetie

From straight spirits to romantic RTD cocktails, we've picked out some of 2023's best drinks for Valentine's Day toasting.


Azulejos Añejo Gallon Of Love,
Los Azulejos

This hand-painted limited-edition bottle of Los Azulejos Añejo is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – so are the sweet flavour notes of warm vanilla, chocolate, orange and caramel.

Prose Vodka,
Les Subversifs

The rosy hue of this Quebec-made vodka comes from purple sweet potatoes and violets, and its smooth flavour come from masterful distilling.


 French Kiss VQA,
Sandbanks Winery

This oaky Merlot-Cabernet Franc from Prince Edward County’s Sandbanks Winery has notes of blackcurrant, cherry, cedar and a hint of chocolate resulting in a smooth and seductive red.


Love Symbol Grenache 2021,
Zonte’s Footstep

Canadian winemaker Brad Rey crafted this red as an ode to something he loves – Grenache grapes. The wine won gold at the Melbourne International Wine Competition in 2022, so it’s a sure choice for Valentine’s Day 2023.

 Tryst Smooth and Silky Red,
Arterra Wines

Fresh plum, dark fruit flavours and just a hint of spice come through in this this soft-textured red blend. Serve this well-priced and approachable wine lightly-chilled.


Pinot Grigio Chardonnay,

For white wine lovers, this crisp Pinot Grigio-Chardonnay with fruity and aromatic hints of fresh pear, nuts, cantaloupe and vanilla is just right.


Tempt No. 9 Strawberry & Lime Cider,
Royal Unibrew

This Danish-distilled cider is beautifully balanced with a blend of strawberry, lime and apples juices resulting in a perfectly tart and fizzy semi-sweet cider.


Our Story Cabernet Merlot VQA,
Artisan Wines

This deep ruby Cabernet Merlot with dark chocolate and raspberry notes is perfect for Valentine’s Day, the messaging “meant to be shared” is on the label.


Queen of Hearts Rosé 2021,
Curtis Family Vineyards

This pale pink Grenache rosé from South Australia is a dry and crisp with lifted aromas of raspberry, strawberry and citrus – and, of course, a beautiful bottle.


Romeo’s Gin Tonic,
Romeo’s Gin

Romeo’s Gin is a crisp ready-to-drink gin-tonic with notes of mandarin and elderflower. The packaging features an illustration by Montreal artist Tava inspired by his mural at the Montreal Heart Institute.


Romeo & Juliet Pinot Grigio Rosé,

Another ode to the famous lovers, Pasqua’s Romeo & Juliet wines are from Verona where Shakespeares’s love story takes place. The label on this fresh and rosy Pinot Grigio Rosé depicts a part of the wall from Juliet’s Courtyard, a popular local attraction.


Ménage à Trois Gold Chardonnay,
Ménage à Trois

This luxurious Chardonnay boasts rich flavours of butter, yellow plum preserve and vanilla. It has a smooth and rounded taste, with prominent notes of vanilla, toast and fig.


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