10 best vegan chocolate bars

From artisanal small-batch makers to big brand names.

Renowned French pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres once said that “A day without chocolate is a day wasted.” For plant-based foodies, the options for that daily fix were once extremely limited – but the rising popularity of vegan eating has given way to a booming vegan chocolate sector, now expected to hit a valuation of 3.3 billion U.S. by 2030. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift or just a treat for yourself, here are 10 vegan bars any chocaholic will love.

Mast Almond Butter

Chocolate bars and a white plate with toast and almond butter

Mast makes their vegan chocolate bars extra-creamy with the help of stone-milled almond butter, olive oil and oat milk. As the brand describes them, “It’s like butter, baby.”


Goodio Flower

A package surrounded by flowers

Finnish vegan chocolate company Goodio makes a chocolate bar for seemingly every flavour, from classic Dark and Coconut to unique options like Minty Cookie Dough and Caramelized Rosemary. The Flower bar, with dried geraniums, roses and cornflowers, is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Zimt Maple Smoked Salt & Rosemary

A white packaged bar on top of salt and rosemary

Vancouver-based Zimt sweetens their vegan chocolate bars with organic coconut sugar. They come in a range of flavours like Sweet Orange Cardamom, London Fog and a Maple Smoked Salt and Rosemary bar made with salt smoked in Otter Point, B.C. Bonus: one percent of the artisanal brand’s sales are donated to various non-profits.


Hershey’s Oat Made Creamy

Hershey Canada unveiled their first-ever vegan chocolate offerings in 2023 – and they more than exceeded expectations. Oat flour replaces the fat commonly found in dairy, and the bars are available in two flavours (for now): Creamy and Almond & Sea Salt. For those craving a classic, “creamy” milk chocolate bar, these will hit the spot.


Taza Cornflake Crunch

Taza’s Mexican-inspired stone-ground chocolate bars are created with the help of traditional molinos (mills), which are said to preserve the bright, fruity flavours of cacao beans. Whether you’re in the mood for Cornflake Crunch, Toffee Almond & Sea Salt or Triple Nut Crunch, the brand is bound to have a plant-based bar you’ll love.


KitKat V

A KitKat bar on a wooden board

It’s time for a (plant-based) break. KitKat’s vegan chocolate bar has the brand’s signature wafer biscuits wrapped in smooth dairy-free chocolate. The bars also have an 18% lower carbon footprint than a traditional milk chocolate KitKat.


iChoc White Nougat Crisp

The vegan chocolate bars created by the German chocolatiers at iChoc are more than flavourful enough to enjoy solo, but the brand also has a public collection of recipes that will further elevate varieties like White Nougat Crisp and Salty Pretzel.


H!p Cookies No Cream Oat M!lk

H!p – that’s meant to stand for ‘happiness in plants’ – describe themselves as “on a mission to make the creamiest, plant-powered chocolate you’ve ever tasted.” The Cookies No Cream bar is made with creamy oat milk chocolate and crunchy Oreo-style biscuits, then wrapped in colourful plastic-free packaging.


Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Hu Kitchen, a family-run business based in NYC, lives by the slogan “No Weird Ingredients.” Favoured by celebs like Nick Jonas, their organic (and paleo) bars are made with various nut butters, including hazelnut, cashew and almond.


Luxe Key Lime Pie

A green chocolate bar with a black wrapping

Regina-based chocolatemaker Luxe sells a few other vegan chocolate “tablets” in unique, fruity flavours like Raspberry Lime and Pineapple Mango.

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